Call AOL – AOL Customer Service Phone Numbers, Online LInks and Contact Info – Updated 1-18-2016

Call AOL – AOL Phone Numbers, Online Links & Contact Info for US, UK & International Callers

AOL phone numbers and contact info.

Updated 1-18-2016.

Every few years I take an entire day out of my life to dial all of the AOL phone numbers you see on this list. AOL constantly shuffles phone numbers around and often disconnects or reroutes them, so this sort of “in-the-field” work is sadly very necessary. As of 1-18-2016, all of the phone numbers and website links you see here should work as advertised.

If any US or non-US AOL phone numbers no longer work or if dedicated phone lines for certain departments suddenly reroute to general numbers, or if you find more phone numbers and addresses for AOL that are not listed here, please let me know.

Cancel AOL By Telephone, Online Cancel Form, Fax or Snail Mail in the US

General Member Services in the US, toll-free 8:00 am-2:00 am, 7 days a week:

  • AOL Member Services in English (including technical support – just say “tech support” when AOL’s automated system prompts you)
    1-800-466-5463, 1-800-827-3338, 1-800-827-6364, 1-877-773-4462, 1-888-211-3926, 1-888-265-8003, 1-888-265-8004, 1-888-265-8007, 1-888-265-8008, 1-888-346-3704, 1-888-849-3200
  • Cancel AOL US With the Online Cancel Form
    Cancel Form Link and InstructionsETA, 1-18-2016: you must sign into AOL to complete this form.
  • Cancel AOL By Fax in the US
    1-703-466-9225 (VA)
  • Cancel AOL US By Snail-Mail Letter
    Write to: AOL LLC, PO Box 65100 Sterling, VA 20165-8800. Cancellations should be processed within 72 hours of receipt. Include the following in your letter: Full name, master screen name, last four digits of the credit card, debit card or bank account number used by AOL, and your day and evening contact telephone numbers.
  • Delete Your AOL or AIM Screen Name – in the US you cannot call or write AOL to ask them to delete your AOL or AIM screen name, but you can get your AOL screen name deleted by “completely” canceling AOL. Find out how to do that here.
  • AOL en Español (Estadas Unitas soledad)
    1-800-771-7084, 1-866-885-5117 and 1-888-265-1111
  • Hearing-Impaired AOL Members – TTY Service

Send Complaints to AOL (US Customers)

    Attn: Heidi Jongquist, Program Director
    Regulatory Order Compliance
    PO Box 65571
    Sterling, VA 20165-8806
    Ms. Jongquist no longer has a working public phone number.
  • Complain to AOL US Corporate, 9am to 6pm Eastern Time, Monday thru Friday
    1-703-265-1000 (an ex-AOL subscriber reports “miraculous” success canceling AOL with this number) and 1-212-206-4400 (10-10-2014 update: both these numbers reroute to the main switchboard in Virginia; you might have better luck using these numbers to reach a specific person than by calling other numbers on this page.)

Dedicated Phone Numbers for AOL Members in the US

  • AOL Fraud Dept. (10am-7pm EST Monday through Friday)
    Report Unauthorized Account Use, Unauthorized Billing, Hacked Accounts
  • Reset password (press 1), Sign up/Upgrade/Reactivate/Change account (press 2), Billing/Account (press 3), Tech support (press 4), Repeat options (press 5)
    1-888-265-8005, 1-888-265-4042 and 1-800-381-4006
  • AOL US Postmaster – for system admins with mail problems, issues with technical security, or legal/law enforcement issues (for webmasters only; if you don’t know what a webmaster is or you’re sure you’re not a webmaster, please don’t call this number!)
  • Postmaster at AOL
    10-10-14: If you’re a regular AOL user you can’t reach the Postmaster by phone or email, but if you’re a webmaster (not a regular AOL user!) now not only can you call the number above, you can also start a Feedback Loop, open a Support Request for Trouble Sending Email To or Receiving Email From An AOL Member and peruse a link-list of online help tools. Effective March 5, 2010, the last person at the US Postmaster division turned the lights out. AOL India has taken over AOL’s US Postmaster operations.

Cancel AOL By Telephone, Fax or Snail-Mail Letter In the UK

Member Services in the UK

ETA, 1-18-2016: As of this writing I do not have (and have never had) an international calling plan, so I rely on the helpful readers of my blog to keep the international numbers up to date. Please report a non-working number below!

  • UK General (including technical support)
    0808 234 9279, 0870 320 2020, 0117 919 1100
  • Cancel AOL Broadband (provided by Talk Talk Telecom Limited)
  • Cancel AOL UK
    AOL UK Cancel Instructions and Phone NumbersETA, 1-18-2016: you must hit “Escape” on your keyboard as soon as this page loads or it will 301 redirect to, which gives no specifics.
  • Cancel AOL by Fax in the UK
    0870 320 2016
  • Cancel AOL UK By Snail-Mail Letter
    Write to: Cancellations Department, c/o Member Services, AOL Broadband, PO Box 387,Southampton, SO30 9AL. Cancellations should be processed within 72 hours of receipt. Include the following in your letter: Full name, master screen name, last four digits of the credit card, debit card or bank account number used by AOL, and your day and evening contact telephone numbers.
  • Delete Your UK AOL or AIM Screen Name – in the UK you can email AOL at this address: and ask them to delete your AOL or AIM screen name. AOL explains how to do it hereETA, 1-18-2016: you must hit “Escape” on your keyboard as soon as this page loads or it will 301 redirect to, which gives no specifics.

Send Complaints to AOL (UK Customers)

Cancel AOL by Telephone in France, Germany, Australia and Canada

  • All Callers Outside of the UK
    +44 117 919 1100, +44 117 329 9100
  • Member Services in France: 0-800-903-910, 0892 02 03 04
  • Member Services in Germany: 0-180-531-3164
  • Member Services in Australia 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week (Customer Service, Cancellations, Billing & Sales): 1 800 265 265
  • Member Services in Canada: 1-800-265-4357

Cancel AOL By Telephone Internationally

  • All International Callers (toll call): +(61 3) 9923 4861

If you’re here to get a phone number to cancel AOL, you may also want to know how to cancel AOL, how to cancel AOL online, how to file a complaint against AOL, how to uninstall AOL, or you may just want to catch up on some news about AOL.

How to File a Complaint Against AOL

You might be on this page because AOL won’t stop billing you after you cancel. In that case, you’ll want to file a complaint against AOL (this link gives you the help you need). Your best bet is to file a complaint with the BBB. Read how filing complaints with the BBB has helped my readers get over $1,200 back from AOL.

See my How-to Section to find more ways to get AOL out of your life.

61 thoughts on “Call AOL – AOL Customer Service Phone Numbers, Online LInks and Contact Info – Updated 1-18-2016

  1. Thanks. 🙂 You don’t like AIM, though? I haven’t used it since the days when AOL 9.0 SE was the latest version of their software, but at any rate I liked it back then.


  2. cannot cancel online
    One cannot cancel AOL online – it is a “scam” – you may only “convert” your account. You may convert to a “free” account. If you want out completely you have to call and then the rep tries to sneek the free sign up in while you are on the phone. AOL is scum and sould be fined!!!


  3. Re: cannot cancel online
    “Notice at the bottom of the sample online cancel form below that I placed a checkmark next to the line that says: “If you do not want your account to be converted for free, or if you want to cancel your account, check here.” You’ll need to check that box to completely cancel your own account.”
    If you placed a checkmark where I said to you should be good to go – if not, then there is a much bigger problem with using AOL’s online form to cancel your accounts than anyone else has made me aware of. Anyone else having the same problem? Please let me know in the comments – or email me.


  4. Got an email about this page yesterday from “KE”, re UK numbers:
    “Thanks for your useful website. Had to ring AOL today in the UK (still debiting my account despite cancelling subscription 3 months ago) and found that the 0800 376 5432, 0870 320 2020 and 0800 2796711 no longer work. One of them redirected me to 0844 449 5555…”
    Updated article to reflect changes.


  5. i have written at least 8 letters to the action team and no one will respond. aol suspended my acct, and i was not the cause of any violation which i went out of my way to prove. No one has given me the curtosy of even talking to me or responding. I have been a customer for 10 yrs and never been treated like this before. I am trying to get reactivate to my screen name, ecinicola and no one is remotely responding or letting me know anything. I would like to remain ion aol but if they don’t want to reactivate me, they should at least let me know.


  6. They don’t respond because even their own customers hate them.
    They are morons. It’s hard to believe they beat out Compuserve as a major provider.
    The only reason I used them to begin with was for their access numbers nation wide.
    They are too lazy to answer their customers.


  7. AOL isn’t very nice….
    I caught hell in cancelling my Aol account two years ago and I caught them charging me $5.oo US monthly for some on screen caller I.D. crap I never signed up for. That business should be investigated and charged with fraud. Thats a real crooked Business.


  8. Update on UK phone numbers
    Hello – update on UK information you provide:
    The UK General 0117 919 1100 number just has a message telling you to go to 0844 499 5555 for AOL Broadband Services. This works and will link you to the cancellation service. The second UK number you give (0844 449 5555) does not exist.
    I have apparently now cancelled my ancient Dial-up account. We’ll see if this stops me being billed!


  9. Re: Update on UK phone numbers
    Trying to find a number to CAT to report someone harassing others online. Anyone have that info?


  10. Re: Update on UK phone numbers

    How to Notify AOL of Problems Online
    There are two ways to inform AOL’s Community Action Team (CAT) of violations you have either seen or been subject to online. AOL’s CAT is a highly trained group responsible for educating and empowering members and for enforcing AOL’s content and conduct standards. CAT can issue written warnings and, should the violation(s) be serious enough, terminate an account.
    You can notify AOL of a violation by going to Keywords: “Notify AOL” or “I Need Help.” Using Keywords: “TOS” or “Terms of Service” allows you to review these guidelines.
    When in a chat room, you can also select the “Notify AOL” button. This allows you to report a problem without having to leave your chat room.


  11. Re: Update on UK phone numbers
    Hi there,
    I’ve been trying to get in touch with AOL UK to cancel my paid account and have tried the numbers you suggested. The 0177 numbers refer you to the 0844 number, but as I live overseas and the 0844 xxx number only works from within the UK and I have no means of contacting them.
    Help !!!


  12. Re: Update on UK phone numbers
    Have you tried the International numbers listed under the UK numbers on my page? They will re-route. You have to pay standard International rates to ring those numbers but I have scoured the Internet for AOL UK numbers repeatedly for years – if there was one more publicly available UK phone number out there, I think we’d know about it by now. lists this number (+44.2073488000) but I don’t know if it even works or if it’s for cancellations. Outside of that you still have the option of canceling with the AOL UK online cancel form (linked to in my post), cancelling by fax, snail mail, and so on.


  13. I am trying to find the e-maind adress to aol…i have a very importang job trying to e-mail me and it won’t let me on …it will let me on my other s/n but not the other


    • I can relate, Ican not get e-mail my self from any one who has sent me conformation information about jobs, and web sites connected to jobs. Why is it happening? I have already sent them an e-mail, and I was myself. What can I do, I am seriously looking for work here in America. I can send e-mails until the cows come home. Why is that?


      • “Why is that?”

        In the meantime it’s a well-known truth (especially here in America) that having an AOL email address will not help you get a job. If anything it might hurt your chances. In America, most AOL email address holders are considered behind the times on technology and thought to be Web newbies in general (and the thinking on that goes sort of like this: “If this person knew anything about the Web they would not have an AOL email address to begin with – pssshhht!”). While there are exceptions to this rule, they are few and far between so I would not risk your professional future on a dopey-looking (to us) email address that is likely to give future employers a pretty bad first impression of you.

        Get yourself a free or very low-cost website that includes your own personal email addresses (so you can send professional-looking email from a address) or at the very least (and it galls me to say this because this is the other company I tend to hate) get yourself a free GMail account, because having a GMail account is considered a pretty technologically hip move over here, indeed.

        And good luck on your job search. 🙂


  14. Cancel AOL
    After reading this web site I was finally able to cancel AOL and get them to cancel the continued billing for AOL. I’d had AOL for years but when my bank account was compomised and I got a new Visa number I was unwilling to give the number to a person in Romania who barely spoke English.
    When I offerd to give the number to someone in the US they refused. At that time I tried to cancel AOL. I was being billed monthly service fees but blocked from using AOL. As the monthly charges continued to increase the “total due”, I was unable to cancel and convince them I had not been using AOL since they had blocked my usage.
    Finally thru this site I called ….703-265-1000 and left a message on a voice mail. Miraculously I received a letter canceling all charges and finally terminating AOL


  15. Re: Cancel AOL
    I am so glad to hear that! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll repost this soon to let others struggling to cancel AOL know that they can definitely get their problems addressed if they call that number.


  16. Re: finding a # to cxl AOL
    You’re welcome!
    It’s funny now that the helper needs a person to help her…I can’t find and have been scouring the Web for a phone number for AOL tech support that will actually bring me to AOL tech support, not just re-route me to the general service.
    I got as far as speaking the menu selection for tech support last night (using one of the phone numbers on this page) but I got an automated message saying, “Due to high call volume, we cannot take your call right now…” with instructions to visit Like I would call if I could find the answer online, which I can’t – it’s about AOL’s cancel form not having an address listing for the District of Columbia – so effectively, anyone living in Washington DC cannot cancel their accounts using the online form.
    I would like someone to fix that form, but between the layoffs the company just had (2500 people gone in under three months) and the stingy phone support AOL has in the first place, I think it’s going to be like pulling teeth. I do have one more thing I can try, though.


  17. Re: finding a # to cxl AOL
    AOHELL UK . I too am having major issues with slow speeds and router disconnection that has been going on for more than 6 months. After many frustrating repeated calls ( the level 1 agents cut me off loads and put on my account that I put the phone down !!) and hours on the phone I finally got through to what I thought was a good level 2 tech in ireland. How wrong i was. He gave me his email address and said that if I emailed him once the BT openreach engineer had been he would call me back. The engineer was booked for a pm call but arrived at 10.20 am and I was not in. He went to my neighbours who contacted me by mobile and gave him access but all he did was run a speedtest which I have been doing regularly anyway. His conclusion was to try a new router as there is not a fault with the line !! I then emailed the tech asking him to ring and gave a 1 hour window which I thought was reasonable. He replied by mail saying would but as per the usual shoddy service from AOL he did not. So now i dont know what to do. Just for your records the address to write to for the UK is CPW broadband services (ireland) Ltd, IDA Business park, Cork Rd, Waterford, Ireland. Phone no, 0844 499 5555. The registered office address is at 68 Hammersmith Rd, London W14 8YW vat reg no 766 4516 05. I now have this tech direct dial as it is listed at the bottom of his reply mail so I am going to try to ring it but it will cost me as it is classed as an international call from england. If you have any advice I would be gratefull. I am currently starting a letter listing all the level 1 agents names that have been rude and unhelpfull, there are currently 23 and only 4 that have tried to help !!


  18. Re: finding a # to cxl AOL
    Thank you for the new AOL contact information, but I’m unsure if I should add it to my contact info as it doesn’t seem to have helped you much. But people will be able to find it as long as they scroll down to your comment, so there’s no harm in just leaving it there, I suppose.
    I would think one possible answer to your dilemma might lie in the information I posted for filing a complaint in the UK:
    AOL UK Broadband Users
    How to File a Formal Complaint
    According to that page, complaint resolution is a 2 step process, depending on if the second step is needed: first you write a snail mail letter to some dude at AOL, then if that doesn’t solve the problem, you contact the regional Ombudsman (this part is totally over my head, since we don’t do things this way in the US). From the page I linked you to:

    “Step 4: External resolution
    Should our formal complaints procedure [in other words, if snail-mailing The Dude] does not resolve the matter to your satisfaction, you can refer your complaint to the Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman (Otelo), of which AOL Broadband is a member. You can find out more about Otelo at”

    FYI, Carphone Warehouse has run the AOL Broadband operation in the UK for the last few years. I know it’s very confusing, because much of the AOL branding remains on most AOL UK online Help pages, and most of the original AOL UK management still runs the Carphone Warehouse version of what you’ve got, not to mention AOL MAC addresses and the like were, I believe, left as-is (or “as-was”) for existing-customers-when-the-switch-was-made backward compatibility.


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