How to Remove the AOL Uninstaller From Any PC

With this post I’m beginning an ongoing series of questions and answers from my readers. This week’s first question is from Melissa (and ladylynx would also like an answer).


“Hey. It’s been bugging me for a while. How do I uninstall AOL’s uninstaller?”

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How to Uninstall AIM 6 From Any PC

How to remove AIM 6

As mentioned in Why You Want to Uninstall AIM Now, AIM can be very unsafe, especially in light of the latest weakness found by Core Security researchers. It’s best to uninstall it and use something safer.

Messengers that I like are Pidgin (formerly known as GAIM), Trillian, and the latest version of MSN Messenger, which really kicks butt.

What follows is how to uninstall AIM versions 6.1, 6.5 and 6.8.

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Why You Want to Uninstall AIM Now

AIM to get this uninstalled...quick!

Any hacker in the world can use your AIM messenger to do a lot more than send you messages.

According to ZDNet blog writer Ryan Nariane: The attack scenario works without the target clicking on a link and only requires that the AIM user is logged on and accepting incoming messages.

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AOL’s BlueStringAlong

Edited 10-15-2007.

Among the news AOL blitzed the media with last week is that they have started a new photo-sharing site, BlueString, that’s supposed to knock Photobucket flat on it’s ass. The theme on Anti-AOL recently is “Yawn, boring,” and this is just more of the same.

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AOL Headquarters to Move Above NYC KMart

AOL's New Home

I’m heartened to learn AOL is moving their headquarters next spring from Dulles Virginia, where they’ve been situated since 1985, to NY City, since I won’t be there.

The new location is a place I missed working at by just a hair some years ago: 770 Broadway, a floor above a company I almost transferred to about 12 years ago. I lived on Long Island at the time surrounded by farms and fields, and I liked the scenery, so I turned the move down, and wound up leaving New York, anyway. Now if I move back I know where not to uh…shop.

AOL’s air-brained Randy Falco claims moving to NY will send:

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Tough Questions, and a Question of Fair Use

Uneasy Questions

As reported in Silicon Alley Insider this week, Richard Greenfield, Managing Director of media investments for Pali Research, a fairly new addition to the brokerage firm Pali Capital, has some tough questions for Time Warner, making SAI writer Peter Kafka remark that “for understandable reasons, [they] are presumably no longer speaking to him”.

His toughest questions are for AOL, but his blog requires that you sign up with a corporate email address to read them. After I complained about it on the SAI blog, the requirement for a corporate email address was temporarily lifted, allowing me to create an account and copy Mr. Greenfield’s post for my personal records, but according to my email with him today, the corporate email address requirement is again in effect.

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Pass me my coaster…I mean, my *other* AOL disc.

AOL 9.0Surprise! Edition

AOL stopped sending discs out to everyone in mid-2006…everyone, that is, except me. It’s probably a test to see who I am: “She’s the only person we’ll send this disc to; if she writes about it like she did the other onebingo.”

Well, I always thought AOL knew who I was, anyway.

They don’t use the all-time-greatest-hits hard plastic case anymore; now it’s in a tiny, neutrally-tinted, yawn-inducing clear plastic sleeve. There’s no version number on the outside, either. It’s a surprise! You must open it to find out! This was just as exciting as peaking under the tree on Christmas Eve. So I popped the disc into my computer (the disc doesn’t have the version number on it, either! It really is a surprise) and AOL’s underwhelming software began walking me through one sign-up window after another.

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You asked about AOL call centers…

AOL Call Center - source:

I’ve had quite a few emails and comments asking me where AOL’s call centers are located, if they’re outsourced, or if they’re all in India. It seems like they are, but today’s AP news clears that question up.

For the record, AOL closed their US call centers earlier this year after laying off 5,000 people to focus on selling advertising instead of helping you troubleshoot or cancel your AOL account. Wasn’t that nice of them?

Got an AOL Call Center story? Share it here.

Netscape Will Revert Back to a Portal

Roll the dice on life without AOL

When Jason Calacanis (former GM of Netscape who morphed it into a social news site last summer) quit AOL, I wrote about how I hoped that in his wake AOL would change Netscape back into what it was: a halfway decent (if low-brow) portal. Breaking news announces that they’ll finally do just that next week. From the AP article (9-22-2207: it’s now deleted):

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