Timeline for “There’s ONE page AOL.com hopes you’ll ever find.”

  • Early March 8, 2006: I publish the URL to AOL’s Cancel My Account page on Dave Taylor’s site and in a forum at the ISP Guide.
  • March 10: AOL deletes the “Cancel My Account” page from this URL.
  • March 10: I find another URL for the page and post it to my site.
  • March 11: AOL deletes the “Cancel My Account” page from this URL.
  • March 11-13: I search AOL.com, Google and major search engines without luck for another URL to the “Cancel My Account” page.
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My letter to the WA State Attorney General.

9-6-07: Several links on this page don’t work but there’s nothing I can do about it.

Note to readers: AOL is denying subscribers easy access to their Cancel My Account page, in a pattern that clearly emerged when I published links to that page on websites beside my own: that’s why I wrote the following (this is a copy of the letter that I wrote to the Washington State Attorney General).

I am writing this as the author of the site, Marah’s AOL Log, at http://marahs-aol-log.livejournal.com/. I began my site in Dec. 2005 after a hard time canceling AOL as a way to vent my frustration with America Online. I enjoyed researching AOL for my site so much I soon expanded it into a full-fledged “one stop site” for how to cancel, uninstall, or complain about America Online. As part of my Site Map I began providing a direct link to a page on AOL.com called “Cancel My Account” starting this February, which provided all the phone and fax numbers and addresses to call or write to cancel America Online.

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