There’s ONE page hopes you’ll never find.

Before March 8, 2006, nothing about having this journal was exciting. I’d change my CSS, update links and rewrite articles just to keep myself awake while I read it. I’d stare at my site counter and wonder if it looked unprofessional. I started thinking that since I own a journal with the title How to Cancel, Uninstall or Complain About AOL I should link to something on AOL about how to cancel. I spent another week berating myself for my stupidity: my journal had no link like that for three months. By the end of February or the beginning of March I’d found’s Cancel My Account page, and added the link to my Site Map.

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No more mirror of AOL’s “Cancel My Account” page.

No more mirror

Update, 11-4-07: As of July 2007 AOL accounts absolutely can be canceled online (click this link to learn how) so there’s no need for the information you once found on this page.

I would’ve kept my “Mirror of AOL’s Cancel My Account Page” up forever since I basically won the right to copy it after making a big deal out of AOL deleting that page every time I linked to it on Marah’s AOL log, the first version of the journal you see here. AOL would also delete that page from their servers every time I left a link for it on popular message boards. AOL thought somehow that would stop people from canceling.

That plan might have worked, at least to a limited extent, but my exposure of the scheme brought that idea crashing to a halt. Then Vinnie Ferrari made how hard it is to cancel AOL a national pastime to discuss around the water cooler, and finally, the current Governor of my state, Charlie Crist, acting as Attorney General of Florida, forced AOL into an agreement in which they must allow their customers to cancel AOL by simply filling out and submitting a quick online form.

This page has had its day, so I’m retiring it now to the obscurity it deserves.

My computer crash, and why Google sucks.

AOL & G: suckin' like Hoovers

Edited 11-01-2006.

I didn’t mention it right off, but I had more problems getting AOL uninstalled from my computer last winter than I let on. In trying to get it done, I got a little neat-freak about it and edited my registry, too, first with Microsoft and other registry cleaners, then by hand, then both ways combined when I saw that neither way got every change AOL made. Then my computer crashed. So much for trying to clean up the registry. When I turned it back on after hours of erasing AOL keys, it would only boot to DOS.

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