How to Cancel Your Free or Paid AOL Account With AOL’s Online Cancel Form – Updated 1-18-2016

Updated 1-18-2016.

AOL UK users must visit this page and follow the instructions – ETA, 1-18-2016: you must hit “Escape” on your keyboard as soon as this page loads or it will 301 redirect to, which gives no specifics. AOL has removed their cancel form for the United Kingdom sometime within the last few years. If you’re an AOL user in the US, you can still use the US cancel form linked to below.

Everything AOL offers (except dial-up and “Premium Services” in the US, and broadband service in the UK) is free as of August, 2006. That means you can cancel your AOL account, convert it to a free account, keep your AOL screen names and AOL email addresses, sign into, read and write email – all for free.

Ready? Check your account to make sure you cancel AOL at least 2-3 days before your next billing cycle. That way you won’t be billed for another month of service, since online cancellations can take up to 48-72 hours to process.

Whether you want to cancel your paid or unpaid AOL membership, you’re on the right page! Just follow these easy steps…

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How do I remove the AOL Dialer?

How to disable, remove or delete the AOL Dialer

One question I get fairly often is, “How do I disable the AOL Dialer?” or “How do I remove the AOL Dialer?” How the question is worded matters: disabling the AOL Dialer is not the same thing as removing it. If you remove it, you might not be able to use AOL dial-up to get online.

To connect you to the Web through dial-up, AOL makes proprietary software, called the AOL Dialer, which connects your computer to AOL. It’s up in the air whether you can bypass the dialer by setting up your dial-up connection manually. AOL gives instructions for doing so, but for many AOL users (myself included, back in the day) using a manual setup without the AOL Dialer doesn’t always work, even if your dial-up modem is working fine.

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I got an AOL Free Trial CD with my phone book! Dex really does know!

My new AOL CD

Imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox this morning to see a bright, shiny AOL CD lying on top of my new Embarq phone book. The phone book was shrink-wrapped to prevent the contents, which included an AARP life insurance offer, from spilling to the ground.

After taking a few photos of the CD, I grew curious as to why it was bundled with my phone book. I thought AOL stopped burying the country in free CDs years ago. So began my gum-shoeing, which isn’t quite finished.

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Stats are open again…

Note, 3-15-2010:I’m looking for a way to enable open stats on WordPress as well. Stay tuned…

GoStats, ignoring me

Every now and then I make my stats viewable, regret it, then close them again, but at any rate, limited stats for my current counter are open again; my last counter’s stats (it broke – my counters for this blog break all the time) will be open indefinitely.

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I complained to AOL about their malfunctioning “Back to Classic” link. Here’s their response.

After writing about AOL’s “Back to Classic” link malfunctioning, I shot a complaint off to AOL saying that if they want users to see the Classic AOL look, then they shouldn’t provide a “Back to Classic” link that doesn’t work.

As a mostly unwilling beta tester, I submit feedback to AOL fairly often, but I never get a response (I often curse out whatever product I’m “discussing” before I’m done – I guess that scares them?) but this time AOL’s data-mining software must have bounced me to a human support person or something fairly humanoid (perhaps a reply bot?).

According to AOL, there are four ways to restore the Classic look (but as I said in my last article, if you delete your cookies after applying these changes, you will have to restore the Classic look all over again). After I read AOL’s reply, I saw that the broken “Back to Classic” link on has also been fixed.

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AOL’s “Back to Classic” link doesn’t change AOL back to “Classic” look.

And the goggles, they do nothing!

This is your brain on AOL

If you don’t use AOL or visit their home page you might not know that in honor of their newfound freedom from Time Warner and their Dec. 10 IPO (they’re trading on the stock market again under their own ticker – AOL – for the first time in years), they got rid of their pyramid/evil eye logo and replaced it with wow, about twenty new logos, which mostly look like food-colored brains and jellyfish (it’s just AOL’s way of Rorschach testing you folks, don’t worry).

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Ahhh…back just in time for Aolol’s new branding strategy and short seller’s wet dream IPO.

So I’ve been involuntarily offline the last few days. I moved to a new place…a homey, rustic cabin on the water – just what I wanted (I’m so proud of this place – and so happy with it – I could spit). My Internet just got turned on this morning. Yipppeee!

I have 5 days of news and reader’s email to catch up on, and I haven’t checked AOL’s stock quote yet, but I have checked micwa’s latest comment on my blog, which lead me to this hilarious re-branding video of AOL’s (the rebranding is in effect as of today). If the first five seconds of it don’t send you hurtling off your chair laughing, nothing will, and the rest of it is pretty funny, too.

Aol.- like a fish out of water

Just for my readers (I love you all!), the night before I moved, I made a logo to show my strong commitment to AOL’s new branding strategy. Enjoy. 😉