How to Cancel AOL

How to cancel AOL

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AOL Phone Numbers and Contact Info

How to Cancel AOL Online

AOL can be canceled online now or by calling, writing or faxing your request.

To cancel AOL, you’ll need to first sign up with another ISP to ensure you stay online. The info here: Switching Your ISP will help you to:

  1. set up your new ISP so it will connect to the Internet
  2. move contacts from your AOL Address Book into a new one
  3. import your email from AOL with special programs
  4. keep your AIM screen name and more. How-tos for Mac users are also on Easy Call’s page.

Handy tips:

  • If you call AOL, they will offer to cancel your account one of two ways: they will ask you if you want to cancel your billing or cancel your account. If the rep seems too pushy or too chatty, or tries to talk you into something you don’t want, say, “I want to cancel my account, please, not just the billing,” and say it over and over if you have to.
  • If you’re concerned how the call will go, read the old and new AOL retention manuals (courtesy of The Consumerist). The new manual is still an upseller’s Bible of tips and tricks to talk you into keeping or even adding on to your account, so be prepared for plenty of hard-sell tactics.
  • If you said you won’t use AOL again, the rep should say your account is closed (“canceled”) and give you a Cancellation Confirmation Number. It’s absolutely essential you get it. If you don’t get it your account is not canceled; your billing should stop, but your records will remain on file in case you use paid (premium) services again. If the call rep hangs up without giving a Cancellation number to you, call AOL back and make sure you get it.

More handy tips:

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