What is an AOL proxy server – is it a Trojan on my computer?

Today “NP” asked me via email:

I’m beginning to see the light! But I need someone to answer a question for me before I let loose of my three-year connection to AOL (I basically just use it to get online). Somehow, I sense you’re that person. (no pressure!)

I’m[…]kind of new to this technical stuff, but observing “inbound events” logged by my McAfee firewall (“FREE” from AOL!) (but at what price?!), put me in my investigative mode. Hopefully you can explain to me what’s going on.

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AOL Hometown Users: Your files are *not* deleted yet – grab’m while you can!

Last updated 12-7-08 with more information on active AOL FTP servers via Joe Manna at DygiScape.

Today Joe at taimantis.com is pointing us to a page he put up for AOL Hometown users who forgot to download their files by Oct. 31st, the day AOL shut down both AOL Hometown and AOL Journals. He also forgot to download his Hometown files by Oct. 31st. When he finally remembered he went to grab them and they were still there – AOL did not delete them. He thinks everyone else who missed the Oct. 31st deadline can still grab their files, too and he even gives you quick, easy steps on how to do it.

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AOL shutting down user-generated video (AOL UnCut Video) by Dec. 18th.

AOL is shutting down its user-generated video site, originally known as AOL UnCut but now known as “AOL Video Uploads”, on Dec. 18th. The usual warning follows (this should be old hat to returning visitors): If you don’t download all of the videos you uploaded to AOL by Dec. 17th, they will be deleted – poof! – gone – by that night.

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How to remove AOL (any version) when there’s no icon for it in Add/Remove Programs?

Updated 3-10-2009.

There are a few reasons why you won’t find an icon for AOL under Add/Remove programs on XP or Vista….

  • AOL did not install properly.
  • The AOL Uninstaller can’t find its own files when you ask it to (sounds unbelievable, but see next item).
  • The Add/Remove icon was removed by a partial or aborted uninstall done manually or with a program such as CCleaner or jv16 PowerTools.
  • AOL “hung” when you tried to remove it, thanks to an internal process that could not shut down.

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