6 thoughts on “How yet another reader got over $400 back from AOL by complaining to the BBB – Updated 6-8-2015.

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  3. I’ve never paid aol a dime Guess I’m a free rider of almost 15 years but just make that I no longer receive/send mail without proper notice and that they can’t fix it. Bull I’m 70 years old what few friends and vendors. Amazon facebook,ect. No longer have communication. Shame on these idiots


    • Do you use the dial-up service for free, or do you just use AOL’s software to surf with another ISP? The only thing that comes to mind when someone says they’ve never paid for AOL is how customers avoided paying back in the Warez days, but I’m thinking that’s not what you did. I can’t wait for archive.org to become keyword searchable, though (something that’s in the works) because there are a lot of good stories from way back when on how it was done.


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