People. For the last time, I DO NOT work for AOL.

I’m shocked any of you can look at this blog and think someone at AOL runs it. Just to re-state the obvious: I do not work for AOL. I’ve never worked for AOL. No one at AOL writes or consults for this blog. I cannot cancel, delete, remove, modify, upgrade, edit, fix or destroy anything in your AOL account for you. Is that clear enough? Holy crap, I don’t think it is.

In case anyone with a brain (which obviously isn’t most of you) finds this post and wonders what I’m flailing about now, just check out a few of the more recent comments, then remind me quick why I own this blog before I File 13 the entire thing:

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed being a aol costumer. But I have a new computer and lost my job have to down size my bills.I am disconnecting my land line phone so I changed my e-mail address. Can you transfer EVERYTHING from my aol acc. to my new e-mail address and that is my contacts,e-mails,pictures ect. Thank-you so very much. Also please e-mail me so I know you got this. Thanks again


Sue Luiz

Extra flailing points to Suzy for posting her email; publishing email addresses in this space will get you spammed. Yeah, I could edit them out, because this is WordPress, where I can do anything I want, including re-write the comments in Swahili – but it’s not my job to look out for you. That’s your job.

Here’s another classic “Let the spammers have at me” moment:

I would like to cancel aol account ( because I got many scammers in my aol so I got other screen name so can u remove choclab24 pls


Or how ’bout this one? Kudos for pen-and-ink letter composition, but no points for wasting that letter on me:

Dear AOL Team,

I have AOL mail a/c and I find at times some mails are sent from my mail Id without my knowledge. These stray mails are not sent by me. Please let me know how can I cancel my AOL mail a/c.


RG Bhat




Goddamn it, people, I do not work for AOL.

I think AOL’s cancel and support reps look for sites that focus on AOL, then tell their members to check us out so they won’t have to help anyone themselves. People could not really be this stupid otherwise, could they?