Nudity on AOL UK

The “new” AOL UK home page (same old page, if you use soft-launched May 14th. AOL was so pumped they added a direct link to it from their Corporate press release. That’s right: they couldn’t wait for UK mums to gasp as kids viewed naked women in seductive poses on AOL UK. No other web company would feature nudity on a home page viewed by millions of people each day but this is AOL we’re talking about – anything for an ad dollar, I suppose.

Terribly indecent for the AOL UK home page, don’t you think?

Click image for full-size uncensored version – possibly NSFW.

Naked chicks on AOL UK Home Page - CENSORED

I wouldn’t want my kids looking at that – would you?

I didn’t get in – and stay in – until late on the 14th so I only got one screen grab. It’s not full screen or terribly clear (I’ve cropped and expanded the “money shot” and I’m including the original to prove it’s not a product of my editing skills but the real thing). If anyone has bigger/better screen grabs feel free to give us a peek – I checked The WayBack Machine hoping to grab better shots but they stopped indexing AOL UK in 2008.

I don’t know how many days the risque photo montage remained online. The same spot on the page now links to a parenting site. Does that surprise anyone? I’d imagine enough complaints poured in that AOL had no choice but to replace naked tree-climbing women with staid-looking parents – the same parents who wouldn’t want their kids viewing gratuitous nudity on AOL.

If you catch nudity on AOL’s home page (in the UK, the US or India – doesn’t matter) and can’t wait to share it hit me up on email or leave a comment (if leaving a comment, no inline images – hyperlinks only, please).