How to Delete Files and Folders From Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

When I use Vista I pull my hair out. Why, you may ask? Because using Vista is just like using XP (except much slower) – until you try to delete something. Then it acts more like Fort Knox than an operating system. Gaining complete control over Vista isn’t easy. This post aims to get you over that hurdle.

How to delete files and folders from Vista/Windows 7/Window 8

I’ve added this post for people leaving AOL because some of you use Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Deleting AOL’s leftover files and folders can’t be done on these systems without learning a few special tricks. As usual, take these steps at your own risk. If you have a question, you can leave a comment or email me.

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History of AOL’s Layoffs, 1996-2007

This post is completely out-of-date and inaccurate, but I don’t plan on editing or deleting it. Instead, please see my fully updated AOL layoffs chart for 1996-2010.

Updated 12-31-07.

I have to hand it to Owen Thomas of Valleywag for pure, unbridled ambition: who else would attempt a chart of all the layoffs at AOL from Day One until another 2,000 people were laid off this October?

How about me? I think I’ve gotten closer to a full account of the carnage at AOL than Owen did. Give him credit, though; he was only off by 3,945 people and left out only a few years worth of layoffs. How much does Valleywag pay, anyway – not that I’m interested?

I’ve been wanting to redo Owen’s chart for three weeks but as a few of you know I wasn’t quite up to it. So with apologies for my belatedness, here’s the most complete chart of AOL layoffs I think anyone has come up with.

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How to Uninstall AOL Without An Uninstaller On Vista and Windows 7

Last updated 3-11-09.

Issue: You want to remove AOL, but you’re missing the AOL Uninstaller.

Solution: Remove AOL without it.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Helping you remove AOL from the Earth, one computer at a time.

So you want to remove AOL from your Windows PC but when you check Add/Remove programs you’re missing the AOL Uninstaller (or the entry for “AOL Choose Which Version to Remove”).

What to do? This is one of the most frequently asked questions about removing AOL. What follows is a pretty simple way to remove AOL that doesn’t harm your computer. Whether you’re a tech who’s looking for the easiest way to get AOL off of your customer’s computers, or a beginner who can’t get AOL off of your PC, this page is for you.

I tested this method on AOL 9.0 SE, AOL 9.0 Optimized, AOL 9.0 VR, AOL 9.1 GM (the first public release of 9.1), AOL 9.1, and AOL Desktop on both Windows XP and Windows Vista. This method works well on both operating systems. See this tutorial if you’re an XP user.

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