Last US Postmaster at AOL Leaving This Friday

I was afraid to believe it, so I emailed the person in question to be sure, but before she could reply (that was only 5 minutes ago) I found a post that confirms that Annalivia Ford is the last Postmaster left at AOL, and unfortunately she will be leaving this Friday (I ran across the news on a Twitter search for “aol sucks”, go figure).

It’s unclear what will happen once Annalivia is gone, but from what she writes on her blog it looks like AOL India will take over US Postmaster operations. Annalivia, as her final parting act, has done a nice re-working of the Postmaster at AOL site, modernizing the layout and adding contact forms for various webmaster issues, including not being able to send or receive email from AOL users.

The website renovation was actually completed last December (it’s hard to believe it’s been that long since I looked at the Postmaster site, but it has) and was not done by Annalivia alone. I’ve updated my AOL Contact Info page to reflect these changes.

3-3-2010, 2:56PM: Annalivia lets me know what’s going on.

By email, she has informed me that:

It’s been getting more and more difficult as we lost more and more staff. On Jan 13, AOL laid off everyone remaining on the US Postmaster team except me and a programmer. At this juncture, the way to contact AOL Postmaster is through the website I linked from my blog. I truly regret not being able to give you a better answer. Thank you for your kind words on your site – the website was in fact my last big project. My manager and I wanted to create a testament, something useful to leave behind.

Be well.

Annalivia Ford
Senior Technical Account Manager
AOL AntiSpam Operations

3-3-2010, 3:51PM: In a sudden fit of good journalism, I finally thought to ask Annalivia if…

She got laid off. It’s the most obvious question but I forgot to ask! So I emailed her again. She very kindly responded with:

I accepted a different position at another company. The joy went out of my work with the loss of my team. Now, I’m off to do something totally different and …no more layoffs 🙂

It must be very demoralizing to see your entire team laid off and to know you’re the only one left. I can’t imagine what it’s like for one person to do the work of an entire department, nor what it must feel like to lose friends, close contacts, and possible mentors on your team. In almost every work situation I’ve been in, I wouldn’t have cared if they took away my boss, but take away my coworkers? It’s unthinkable. I do wish Annalivia the best of luck in her new career.

4 thoughts on “Last US Postmaster at AOL Leaving This Friday

  1. Annalivia here – ironically, it was the loss of my boss I took hardest, though after 8 years I was awfully fond of my team as well. She and I worked together for 7 years without any friction, together we were more than the sum of our parts, and accomplished the impossible. I’d give anything to work for her again. She’s awesome and I miss her every day.
    We all spent 8 years working and laughing and arguing together, watching each others kids get born and grow up.
    Thanks for the good wishes. Mazel Tov!


  2. I’ve only had two bosses I could have worked for for the rest of my life (and I really loved one of them), but in one case, I was promoted out of her dept., and in the other, I moved too far away to keep the job she hired me for. But co-workers get under your skin (in a good way, of course – most of the time) like no one else can. They’re usually the only ones you can commerisate with, who understand exactly what it’s like from your POV – and sometimes, that’s more important to me than the most supportive, hard-working bosses in the world – just having others around me who know what it’s like to be down in the trenches. But if your relationship with the boss was the best part of your job (in one job I was in, the boss I said I loved was definitely that) then yes, I can totally understand you feeling lost without her.


  3. It’s hard to explain, but she was really the only one on the team that actually “got” my job. My job was unique, and she was my backup, which sounds totally backward, but when you invent a job, your manager had best know how to do it when you’re not there…so she was my “in the trenches” companion. I got moved out of her team and then – wonderfully! – back again a year later. I don’t know anyone who can say they spent 7 years working for someone and never got mad at their boss, except me. It was special.
    The awesome bit is that we’ve managed to stay friends. We’re going shoe shopping next week if we can. I need n00 business clothes.
    Thanks for giving me the chance to vent a little


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