AOL is “uncluttering”? Why, tickle me pink.

Ron Grant Giving Spin

HOT QUOTE (from the mouth of Ron Grant this week): “We’ve made some mistakes in the past.”

Yes, they sure did.

After Ron Grant, the president and COO of AOL, said AOL wants to start a “social network service” and improve AIM, he went on to say at the Goldman Sachs’ global Internet conference in Las Vegas:

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[FAQ] Questions About Uninstalling AOL

Last updated 1-31-10.

This FAQ is for people having problems removing AOL. It is not a replacement for my how-to-uninstall AOL tutorials. Please see the tutorials if you missed them on your way in. You can leave a comment here or send me an email to get other questions answered or to offer up your own solutions.

If you’re looking for an operating system-specific FAQ, please see these:

The instructions on this page will work for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 users in most cases (if not, see the how-to pages linked to above). My tutorial index and FAQs are constantly updated to reflect changes in AOL’s and Microsoft’s software.

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Hacking AOL

Hacking AOL

The Mike Nieves case is taking strange twists and turns. Just to refresh your memory, Nieves is the 17 year old accused of recently hacking AOL. He’s charged with computer tampering, computer trespass, and criminal possession of computer material.

Mike admits he hacked into Merlin (AOL’s CSR management system) to get his suspended account back and told investigators he uploaded screen shots of his work to Photo Bucket, but a story on Wired News throws Mike’s “confession” into doubt. Now another person on the AOL hacking scene, “Smokey,” claims he is the one responsible, not Nieves — now that Nieves has taken the fall for it and been charged with four felonies, one misdemeanor, and must post $40,000 bail to see the light of day again before trial.

From the Wired article:

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Stay unsafe with AOL.

Is she really safe using AOL?

Updated 6-5-2007.

Most people don’t question why I can’t stand AOL but maybe some of you scratch your heads wondering why I think Google sucks, too. Explaining why usually isn’t a topic for this blog, but the safety of Google’s search engine is.

Most search engines show unsafe sites in results, but AOL uses Google to deliver them, and Google is crawling with tons of bad sites for even the most innocent words. Google also places worse sites higher in results than Yahoo! and other search engines do.

People who monitor badware threats know search engines are the number one breeding ground for them. Google is heinous in this respect. They do nothing to filter harmful results out. They even display unsafe results at the top of many popular searches.

I’ll give you a hard-to-forget example. Let’s say your teenage daughter wants to change her screensaver. Here’s the innocent-looking organic search results for “screensavers”, using AOL’s software.

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