It’s alive! Alive, I tell you

Netscape does not suck.

Instead of writing about how today was Netscape’s last official day on Earth (I was never going to write about that, anyway), I’m bringing you a rare bit of good  news – if you’re a diehard Netscape fan, that is (I know…highly unlikely): AOL is extending support for the Netscape browser until March 1st and one more update for it is on the way. I’m not sure why this is good news, since I happen to like the Netscape browser – and since it will still die (as in forever) in 30 more days. I take it as bad news topped with a tiny sprinkle of “better-than-nothing-I-suppose” – but fans of this browser seem to think this is “great news“, so I won’t argue.

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More Anti-AOL Sites

I don’t know if I have writer’s block or what but I haven’t written anything substantial about AOL in months. This post won’t change that. But as I was toodling around in search engines last night looking at my newly low Page Rank, the fact that DMOZ refuses to update my listing for Anti-AOL, and just feeling sorry for myself, all of a sudden I started laughing: some of the anti-AOL pages I found while I was moping around were hilarious.

People have hated AOL for as long as they’ve been in business; some of the pages shown here might even make you recall your earlier days of AOHell.

“What if AOL was a building company?”

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