Submitting your site to DMOZ? Good luck.

If your site is relevant to the category you’re applying for it might just get in, unless you write negative fodder about AOL, which has owned DMOZ since 1998. I submitted Marah’s AOL Log to DMOZ four times in 2006 (once every three months) which is the absolute limit for bugging them.

DMOZ advertise themselves as being run by Netscape, which is owned by AOL, but I figured there might be enough layers between me, the editors, and the big boys who’d rather sue me then list me to give me a shot at it. I guess I was wrong, and I’m tired of chasing after them. The last time I tried was early fall of 2006 but I won’t do it ever again. There’s other ways to get the word out that AOL sucks, and if I can’t find a decent directory to list me, hell, maybe someday, somewhere, somebody will create one.

DMZ...running away from reality?

In the meantime I’ve been following the debate about DMOZ shutting down
because I can’t imagine AOL undoing so much pure directory goodness. They’re the resource for any serious information, and both Google and Yahoo base their SERPs off of their listings, so the rumors that flew around last week about DMOZ being killed by AOL surprised me.

The most hard-to-believe part was AOL has stopped making routine backups of DMOZ and performing regular maintenance on the servers, according to a DMOZ editor, so when a server went on the fritz a few weeks ago, causing much of the site to fail, the techs had a hard time recovering many of it’s functions. DMOZ is back in business now, but in a completely crippled fashion, and no one seems to be in any hurry to fix it.

If you know of any decent, free directory that’s not tied to DMOZ somehow (most of them are) you can leave me a comment with it’s name below.

AOL really is losing 4 execs!

AOL Swings the Axe

Edited/updated 12-22-2006.

12-13-2006: I like Vallywag. You know the blurb on their site? The one that goes:

You people in Silicon Valley are far too busy changing the world to care about sex, greed and hypocrisy.

Well, count me out. I’m never too busy to catch up on all the latest greed and hypocrisy coming out of AOL, and I don’t live in Silicon Valley, either, so I’m an easily attainable demographic. If you add in Jason Calacanis just for fun (read: because he’s an idiot) I can barely tear myself away.

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AOL Settles with FL Attorney General

AOL Settles Cancellation Lawsuit

Also see How to File a Complaint Against AOL.

Consumers should not have to keep looking over their shoulders to make sure mega-corporations aren’t trying to take advantage of them. This agreement is an important step toward protecting our citizens from consumer fraud. –quote of the year, from FL State AG Charlie Crist

AOL, the company famous for refusing to cancel people’s accounts, billing customers after they cancel, charging for plans and memberships they never signed up for, and laughing all the way to the bank with their ill-gotten money, has settled with Florida’s State Attorney General Office for over 1,000 consumer complaints.

From Tampa Bay News10:

Crist’s Economic Crimes Division began investigating the internet provider in September 2005 after receiving more than 1,000 consumer complaints. The investigation focused on several areas, including consumer complaints that cancellation requests were not honored, former accounts were reactivated without consumers’ authorization, charges were imposed for “spin-off accounts,” and consumers were…mistakenly billed for AOL services on their phone bills.

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Young, Gorgeous, and Worth $20 Million!

AOL's Jacksonville, Florida Call Center

12-01-2006: No, that title doesn’t describe me (I’m broke). It describes a building. An impressive (125,000 sq. ft.) structure built in the Spanish style common to modern Florida construction, only 4 years old, with lots of eye-candy and other sweet stuff:

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