How to File a Complaint Against AOL – Updated 10-10-2014

How to file a complaint against AOL

Updated 10-10-14.

Almost any complaint against AOL can be resolved if you keep good records and are persistent enough. Stay on top of it. Keep calling AOL and telling them you are writing honest online reviews about them until you know the issue is resolved. Important: Keep a paper trail with notes about what was said during phone calls, hang onto cancellation confirmation letters and/or bills received after you cancel and, if possible and legally permissible in your state, tape calls to AOL. If you can’t legally tape your calls or simply don’t feel comfortable doing so your next best bet may be to live-blog or quickly recap and post your conversations with AOL to your Twitter and/or Facebook page.

If, after taking all of those steps, your issue is still not resolved, your next step should be to file complaints with the BBB, your State Attorney General’s Office, and the FTC.

Your paper trail should include:

  • Time and date of your calls to AOL.
  • Master Account AOL screen names you’re canceling.
  • Names, email addresses, clock numbers and/or shift numbers of AOL reps and supervisors you spoke to and brief notes about what was said.
  • Your cancellation confirmation number. If you don’t have one but you did try to cancel you can still file a complaint.
  • Any reason AOL reps and/or supervisors gave you for refusing to cancel your account.

You should also have on hand:

  • Copies of letters asking AOL to cancel your account.
  • Copies of any audiotapes of your calls to AOL.
  • Your cancellation confirmation letter. Expect one within 2-10 days of your phone call or letter; if it doesn’t show up you can still file a complaint.

The BBB resolves most complaints they get about AOL (see this BBB Reliability Report for stats) but they won’t enforce law, impose fines or sanctions, or file a lawsuit for you. You’ll see that the BBB’s complaint form asks, “What steps would you like [AOL] to take to resolve this situation?” Say that you don’t want AOL to resolve it with free service or reduced rates. Say that you simply want your AOL account canceled, then list any refund AOL owes you for over-billing or over-payment.

You should also file a complaint with your State Attorney General’s Office. Your state’s AG can get your AOL account canceled and get your money back for you, too! It’s come to my attention that any Attorney Generals who get “enough” complaints about AOL also may take action (that is, they may file a lawsuit against AOL) in the future.

The FTC is also good to complain to, but make sure you complain to the BBB and your State Attorney General first since the FTC doesn’t step in on a case-by-case basis. If the FTC gets enough complaints about AOL, they are likely to file suit on every AOL customer’s behalf, just as they’ve done before.

You can also use the following contact info to file a complaint with AOL’s Program Director Heidi Jongquist (she’s in charge of AOL Customer Service dispute resolution):

Attn: Heidi Jongquist, Program Director
Regulatory Order Compliance
PO Box 65571
Sterling, VA 20165-8806

Further Reading: See my How-to Section for more ways to get AOL out of your life.

24 thoughts on “How to File a Complaint Against AOL – Updated 10-10-2014

  1. If a person pays by automatic bank transfer, can’t we just notify our bank to cancel that monthly transfer? That would seem to be the easiest.


  2. Yes, it’s “the easiest” – but if you do that AOL can keep on billing you, then send a collection agency after you for the unpaid amount. That’s why I don’t advise it.


  3. I just want to thank you. I spent the good part of a day trying to get a human being with AOL. I had almost given up until I came across your site. Thank you!


  4. I canceled my aol account within 10 minutes of creating it, and now I have a balance due of $19.95. They state they NEVER received a cancellation request from me, however, new business orders are received just fine and with out a hitch. When I called to cancel, the rep tried to get me on a lower plan. I refused. Then she stated she would waive my fee if I “helped” her by giving her my credit card info. I refused yet again. Then she said she would “help” me if I would agree to make some sort of payment. I was livid by then.
    Now I find this site and I will follow the instructions you provided and I know it will be taken care of.


  5. AOL Terminates my Account with no Explanation.
    I am soo Frustrated. After 14 years with AOL they cancelled my account and I, like everyone else, after an hour of trying to get thru to a human being, was told I needed to write a letter, which I am not going to do. I am amazed that in this day and age, AOL tells you to write a letter? What a mess. I figure someone hacked my account, but have no way of knowing considering no one will tell you whats going on. If this is how AOL treats you, I don’t think I want to be past of them any longer. Can anyone tell me if there is another way to resolve this mess? If not, consider it a done deal, because I refuse to write AOL. Thanks, JJ


  6. Have come across this blog trying to find help for my aol problem, which beats the above! I am still paying for aol monthly Β£30. For 2 years I have not been able to use aol but can use mozilla, before that I lost 1 pc blue screen of death and the company who fixed it proved it was an aol connection installation problem so Aol gave me 1 year free to apologise. I have given up trying to repair unins exe and all 4 p.cs now cannot use aol and I am sick of the automated responses and given up. Perhaps after reading this I really should try and complain???


  7. Assuming you have broadband, you can switch to another provider – more info here:
    And here (scroll down to the special information just for AOL UK users – there is information on how to file a complaint against AOL in the UK):


  8. erroneous AOL billing
    Just when I’d given up hope I found this site. Thanks to whom ever put this time consuming web site together. Being stuck in AOL h*** is terrible


  9. if u want to hurt aol
    if by any chance u are on a phone bill, then complain to the phone company once sufficient coplaints hae been receaved the company will terminate partnership with aol, it happened before. also if u are on a phone bill and want money back threaten the rep or sup u will complain to the phone company, u will recieve your money right away. if u want to cancel acc and want money back sa that acc was set up by a MINOR!!! without your authorisation and acc will be terminated right away. when rep or sp tels you u have to write a letter the acc was suspended by the legal staff for various reasons. so if u have phone bill go with phone company, if u have credit card or acc go with the minor story πŸ™‚


  10. Re: if u want to hurt aol
    ps if u want free aol u can always set up a free trial by phone than before the end of the free trial call to cancel then call again say u did not had a aol acc before and set up e free trial again and again. the thing is u have to ask for the free and when u want to cancel just say u are not interested in any offer or dont wat to give a reason and ull be on the phone less than 2 mins, i had free dial up from aol for 2 years now πŸ˜€ good luck


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  15. We had cancelled aol since 10 years now and even longer(mid 90s) !! We have tried almost 30 times to cancel them chafing for my acct I never agreed to on my wife’s credit card!!!!! Now my wife cancelled her Amex and they found another one of her credit cards to charge HIS account on!!!!!!! This is fraud fraud fraud!!!! I am an elected official they are fried they will not get away with this anymore!!!!!!!!!


    • Are you “an elected official”? Because if so you are a little too completely unhinged to qualify for, nor remain in office, so you might want to do something about that before you “fry” one thing or person too many.

      How many people are you talking about up there? Because you write the comment as the HUSBAND of your wife then mention after all the wrestling and shenanigans with AOL HIS account is still being charged. How can you write in the first and third person and as though you are someone else all at the same time? Maybe get off the cocaine and switch to tranquilizers to calm your crazy ass down? Also, you entered your email as your URL so it will be displayed publicly. Good luck with that, oh dear *elected official* of something something something.

      You’ve come to the right place to *vent* about your AOL issue, but the way you worded it is way too strong, on the one hand, and a little too completely unhinged for my taste on the other. Threatening me in your comment title as you did (or at all!) is not a good look for anyone, and neither I nor anyone at AOL can solve your problem from here no matter how much you go off the deep end about it, so seriously, just calm down and get a grip.


  16. AOL used to be well respected. Now they can’t even handle email accounts. I had an email account with them for 15+ years. Considered it a safe account and sent anything I thought I may want to keep there. Recently I sent some articles to my aol email and when had the time to read them I signed in. Well, all deleted my folders. New mail, saved mail, all of it. I still had the same password they just deleted all 15+ years worth of my emails. Why is what I wanted to know. So I spoke with many people kept getting told I didn’t log in for 180 days. This was not the case may have been a month or two but not 6 months. Plus even if that was the saw I’ve been using that email for 15 years.
    Goodbye aol


    • So you mean you spoke to many people at AOL and they told you after 180 days/6 months of inactivity all email in your account gets deleted simply because your account remained inactive/unsigned into for that long? Never heard of such a thing but will look into it more when I have a chance. Thanks for sharing your experience with this.


  17. AOL is so unhelpful. I cannot believe you have to answer a security question and if you cannot answer it you cannot regain access to your account. how can you keep someone from gaining access to their account . never in my llife again will I make an email account with you people.

    so unhappy with your customer service.


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