Verizon Intends to Get Out of FiOS/Landline Business

A comment I received yesterday said, in part: “The lucky ones [implied: who subscribe to Verizon] that could afford fast dsl & then fios a long time ago don’t care about all this misery [implied: for AOL users] and that’s my hard luck”.

I thought how common it might be to believe (or to fear, depending upon your perspective) that Verizon buying AOL was done simply to fold AOL’s dial-up business into Verizon’s landline and cable services. There is also a perception that between AOL users and FiOS subscribers, the FiOS side will get the better end of the stick. Hey, not so fast.

I don’t spend a lot of time updating so I haven’t explained why I disagree, but here goes…I’m not saying anything new or uncovering any earthshaking secrets here, either, just aggregating well-known public information…make of it what you will.

Verizon is getting out of its copperline businesses. All of them. The company will focus strictly on making money from wireless. Don’t believe me? I don’t feel like writing a lot on this because it’s not a topic that does much for me, so let me quote from other media outlets and get on with my day…

Verizon decided to stop rolling out FiOS in 2010, with most of its infrastructure still unbuilt, to remain forever incomplete.

Just a few months before the AOL acquisition, Verizon dumped their existing wireline and FiOS businesses in three states – Florida, Texas and California – to concentrate on wireless.

Verizon gave New Jersey the shaft at a huge cost to its residents – $15 billion, to be exact – and will not expand FiOS as long-ago promised.

Verizon plans to be out of the cable and landline businesses within the next 10 years.

If I were an Verizon FiOS or landline customer, I’d be very, very worried.