I know I’m geeky, but this is nuts.

This screencap is an anachronism - http://m-w.com/dictionary/anachronism

I check my stats all the time for search terms used to find my site and sometimes you people scare me. Case in point:

“remove aol email advertising software.” What a mouthful!

Yes, my site shows up at least twice on the first page of results, but so do a bunch of other sites that are no more relevant to the topic than mine is.

If you want to disable those ads find another email provider, then cancel AOL and uninstall their software.

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AOL unleashes their wild horde, again.

Eternal September?

Heard the latest?

AOL now supports Open ID, drawing out their Eternal September to our eternal torment.

You can rely on AOL for over-inflated numbers, so the amount of AOL and AIM users who can log into LiveJournal (God help me) and other SixApart blogs as well as WordPress and Technorati is, according to AOL, a perfectly outrageous number…over 63 million. I tend to believe it’s that many people, though…*shudders*

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Leaving AOL? Lose their video site.

AOL Video

Edited 02-20-2007 and 05-15-2007.

Recently I did a few drive-by reviews of Videos at AOL.com and Stage6, a new video site I learned about on Digg, and the differences between the “file-sharing” sites are staggering. All they have in common is free videos with some for sale at various prices; the only advantage AOL has over Stage6 is that sometimes they have more to choose from.

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AOL’s Long History of Fraud

Running To Fraud

Edited 05-15-2007.

It’s a slow news day so I’ll catch up on the dot-com bust as it relates to AOL. Their double-dealing and questionable activities near the end of the first dot-com bubble (we’re in the second one right now, hence Bubble 2.0) have taken four years to work through court. In fact, the show’s not over yet, but I’m sure the final acts will turn out no more exciting than parts One and Two did.

While at least three AOL executives could’ve used some jail time to straighten out their moral compasses (the settlement document shows these crooks came as close as possible to admitting their misdeeds without saying “I’m guilty”) they walked out of court free men with tears in their eyes and no doubt thanking God for good lawyers.

Such is the way in a world where money, power, and good legal representation gets you further than values, ethics, and good judgment ever will; the latter, last I heard, merely gets you laughed out of Silicon Valley. Welcome to the dot-com cesspool; the star of our show today is AOL.

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When No News Isn’t Good News

When no news isn't good news

I haven’t been pounding out updates lately but I’m too busy to write (and too tired when I’m not too busy) so I probably won’t match the pace of what I kicked out during January again. For a while I thought I’d turn the site into an updated news-blog but there isn’t enough going on to make it worthwhile. In fact some of the latest news just bores me to death and I can’t write when I’m bored.

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