How to Cancel Your Free or Paid AOL Account With AOL’s Online Cancel Form – Updated 1-18-2016

Updated 1-18-2016.

AOL UK users must visit this page and follow the instructions – ETA, 1-18-2016: you must hit “Escape” on your keyboard as soon as this page loads or it will 301 redirect to, which gives no specifics. AOL has removed their cancel form for the United Kingdom sometime within the last few years. If you’re an AOL user in the US, you can still use the US cancel form linked to below.

Everything AOL offers (except dial-up and “Premium Services” in the US, and broadband service in the UK) is free as of August, 2006. That means you can cancel your AOL account, convert it to a free account, keep your AOL screen names and AOL email addresses, sign into, read and write email – all for free.

Ready? Check your account to make sure you cancel AOL at least 2-3 days before your next billing cycle. That way you won’t be billed for another month of service, since online cancellations can take up to 48-72 hours to process.

Whether you want to cancel your paid or unpaid AOL membership, you’re on the right page! Just follow these easy steps…

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[FAQ] It’s NOT true that you will lose your high-speed connection to the Internet if you cancel AOL!


I’m not going to beat around the bush: AOL is run by liars, thieves and crooks. Take this lie slapped across a cancel page on

This is a LIE

“If you cancel you will no longer have an Internet connection, live technical support or security software.”

FACT: In the US, most of you will NOT lose your high-speed connection to the Internet if you cancel AOL.

There are a few exceptions:

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Call AOL – AOL Customer Service Phone Numbers, Online LInks and Contact Info – Updated 1-18-2016

Call AOL – AOL Phone Numbers, Online Links & Contact Info for US, UK & International Callers

AOL phone numbers and contact info.

Updated 1-18-2016.

Every few years I take an entire day out of my life to dial all of the AOL phone numbers you see on this list. AOL constantly shuffles phone numbers around and often disconnects or reroutes them, so this sort of “in-the-field” work is sadly very necessary. As of 1-18-2016, all of the phone numbers and website links you see here should work as advertised.

If any US or non-US AOL phone numbers no longer work or if dedicated phone lines for certain departments suddenly reroute to general numbers, or if you find more phone numbers and addresses for AOL that are not listed here, please let me know.

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Why You Should Use the BBB Against AOL

Republished on 12-17-07 because I want this fresh on people’s minds again.

Also see How to File a Complaint Against AOL.

Billy wrote me a month ago that he canceled his free trial of AOL back in 2003, but they kept billing him every month for the next 3 years. In fact, when he wrote me, they were still billing him. AOL’s taken nearly $1000 $900* from him since he canceled his free trial, but he didn’t know it until recently.

When I wrote him back I gave him a bit of a scouring for not checking his credit card statement for 3 years but I also told him to call AOL (rather than write to them, as he’d done previously without success). I told him to make them look up his usage to prove he canceled 3 years ago, gave him a link to a site that explains how to dispute credit card charges, and I gave him links to every attorney general’s office in the nation and links to the BBB and FTC, explained what they do, and told him “good luck” – because I doubted after 3 years that anyone could do much.

I didn’t hear from him again so I wasn’t sure if he was unhappy with my advice. After a few weeks I lost his email like I lose almost everyone else’s but I figured it wasn’t going to go well for him, anyway. Then out of nowhere Billy wrote me again that he got over $800 back from AOL:

After filing a complaint [with the] BBB, FTC, [and the] Texas Attorney General, I received refund[s for] $51.80 and $25.90 and $742.50, for a total of $820.20. I had to haggle to receive the $742.50, but in the end, I did get the credit back (through the BBB). Thank you.

Thank YOU, Billy, for making my day.

*“Billy” told me the amount of money AOL took from him was in the $850-900 range after I published his story.

How to Cancel AOL

How to cancel AOL

Also see:

AOL Phone Numbers and Contact Info

How to Cancel AOL Online

AOL can be canceled online now or by calling, writing or faxing your request.

To cancel AOL, you’ll need to first sign up with another ISP to ensure you stay online. The info here: Switching Your ISP will help you to:

  1. set up your new ISP so it will connect to the Internet
  2. move contacts from your AOL Address Book into a new one
  3. import your email from AOL with special programs
  4. keep your AIM screen name and more. How-tos for Mac users are also on Easy Call’s page.

Handy tips:

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How to File a Complaint Against AOL – Updated 10-10-2014

How to file a complaint against AOL

Updated 10-10-14.

Almost any complaint against AOL can be resolved if you keep good records and are persistent enough. Stay on top of it. Keep calling AOL and telling them you are writing honest online reviews about them until you know the issue is resolved. Important: Keep a paper trail with notes about what was said during phone calls, hang onto cancellation confirmation letters and/or bills received after you cancel and, if possible and legally permissible in your state, tape calls to AOL. If you can’t legally tape your calls or simply don’t feel comfortable doing so your next best bet may be to live-blog or quickly recap and post your conversations with AOL to your Twitter and/or Facebook page.

If, after taking all of those steps, your issue is still not resolved, your next step should be to file complaints with the BBB, your State Attorney General’s Office, and the FTC.

Your paper trail should include:

  • Time and date of your calls to AOL.
  • Master Account AOL screen names you’re canceling.
  • Names, email addresses, clock numbers and/or shift numbers of AOL reps and supervisors you spoke to and brief notes about what was said.
  • Your cancellation confirmation number. If you don’t have one but you did try to cancel you can still file a complaint.
  • Any reason AOL reps and/or supervisors gave you for refusing to cancel your account.

You should also have on hand:

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