With 26 million existing AOL software users this blog might be around forever.

“AOL’s software is used by more than 26.5 million people on broadband and dial-up connections every day.” [source]

Really? I don’t believe 26 million people could be that stupid. When this little factoid jumped off an AOL Corporate press release at me I almost lost my lunch (or dinner, or Doritos – whatever I’d been ingesting).

Here I was, telling readers that at most I’d keep my blog around for another year, then here was AOL all up in my face jeering, “We’ve got millions more for you! 26 million more, to be exact.”

Soon it occurred to me that this fact (if it really is a fact; none of us really trust ComScore data) could only work to my benefit, since it means I still have 26 million people to rid of AOL. That’s a lot of people, folks – but strangely enough, it doesn’t bother me.

BTW…for a thorough debunking of AOL’s top listing in the Forrester survey read this. Being “top-rated” is not the same as being “the best”.