AOL Hometown Users: Your files are *not* deleted yet – grab’m while you can!

Last updated 12-7-08 with more information on active AOL FTP servers via Joe Manna at DygiScape.

Today Joe at is pointing us to a page he put up for AOL Hometown users who forgot to download their files by Oct. 31st, the day AOL shut down both AOL Hometown and AOL Journals. He also forgot to download his Hometown files by Oct. 31st. When he finally remembered he went to grab them and they were still there – AOL did not delete them. He thinks everyone else who missed the Oct. 31st deadline can still grab their files, too and he even gives you quick, easy steps on how to do it.

Update, 11-25-08: Tested Joe’s method myself today on some AOL Hometowns using the free program, FTP Commander, that he recommends. It works like a charm – the files AOL said they were deleting by Oct. 31st are in fact, still there, and it’s easy to transfer them to your computer.

Update, 12-7-08: Joe Manna contacted Joe at Taimantis not long after I published this. The latter Joe put in a guest post for the former Joe on the topic. JM also made a spreadsheet that lists all active FTP servers on AOL so you can see for yourself what’s going on. Enjoy.