18 thoughts on “How to Contact AOL Corporate to Cancel AOL

  1. Cancellation of AOL A/c
    I tried to cancel my AOL a/c when you were able to by email – I even had an auto acknowledgment on 3 occasions. I had already joined another internet provider. However, my Credit Card a/c was still being charged each month. Eventually I managed to get my Credit Card company to cancel/block the charges and they refunded the charges to the original cancellation date. However, one evening I received a phone call from AOL demanding full payment and no explanation from me was going to deter them. Eventually I received a threatening letter from a Bailiff demanding payment of the a/c plus their charges – £120 altogether. I was going to ‘sweat it out’, but I was having visitors to my house for a few weeks and I did not want a Bailiff to call whilst they were here, so I paid up. AOL can go to hell as far as I’m concerned!
    Edward (UK)


  2. Re: Cancellation of AOL A/c
    i am trying to contact aol about a complaint for macafee problems and cant find out how, any suggestions?


  3. Re: Cancellation of AOL A/c
    If you pay $11.95 a month or more for AOL, you’re entitled to free tech support, so in that case you can call one of the numbers on this page, and when it’s time to do so say “Tech support”. You won’t always get through (“Due to high volume, we cannot take your call right now, please visit help.aol.com…”) but it’s the only way I know of.
    If you don’t pay for AOL – or if you don’t pay enough for AOL to get tech support – I’d suggest contacting McAfee:


    • Posting over and over about it on my blog won’t get your problem solved any quicker. Did you know that? I can’t or don’t instantly unscreen comments, which doesn’t mean “keep posting the same comments over and over until I unscreen them”, it means wait, and I’ll get to it, or maybe I won’t (I could – in theory, anyway – I don’t know, *die* or something, and what would you do then – post this comment another 3,000 times?).

      You need to contact AOL tech support with your problem. There is contact info for that on this page. If you’re a free member (that is, if you don’t pay for your AOL account) then try posting the problem here: http://twitter.com/aolmail

      They won’t respond to me on Twitter since they don’t like me very much, but being you’re an AOL member who doesn’t keep a nasty blog about them, they will probably respond to you.


  4. Hi I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed being a aol costumer. But I have a new computer and lost my job have to down size my bills.I am disconnecting my land line phone so I changed my e-mail address. Can you transfer EVERYTHING from my aol acc. to my new e-mail address and that is smluiz@comcast.net my contacts,e-mails,pictures ect. Thank-you so very much. Also please e-mail me so I know you got this. Thanks again
    Sue Luiz


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    • Another happy customer, I see… *lol*

      For what it’s worth, I don’t think Timmy’s even remotely aware that AOL *has* an access or subscription business. Maybe somebody will clue him in someday?

      Also, not to repeat myself without end or anything, which I am at this point since I put this info in the first comment here in reply to someone else (I don’t know who anymore) but have you tried filing a complaint with the BBB, Steve? They’ve helped my readers collectively get $1200 back from AOL (and maybe more; not everyone keeps me posted on how things turn out with the BBB after I refer them). I would think if you had started with the BBB in first place this might be resolved in your favor now (and I do think you should contact the BBB now if you haven’t done so already).

      It pains me to think AOL still owes you up to $3,000 that they can’t even be publicly shamed into refunding – that’s just inexcusable.


        • Yes – I just read the articles you referred me to, thanks. See my updated reply – in which I say that I would think the BBB can – and should – help you get back the rest of that money. When you contact them be sure to link to (within the BBB’s online complaint form) every article you linked me to – the more the BBB and AOL Corp knows about what AOL has done to you, the better. Good luck. 🙂



    You have a moral responsibility to not put any image or title in the AOL title bar…such as recently having ‘TWO MEN KISSING’ and similar. KNOW THIS. One day you will be held ACCOUNTABLE FOR CORUPTING THE INOCENCE OF CHILDREN by introducing Immoral topics and images on the AOL NEWS bar…

    SUCH TOPICS CAN BE PUT DISCRETELY OFF TO ONE SIDE….allowing those corrupted who are interested in such perversions to find them…THEY SHOULD NOT APPAER ON THE FRONT PAGE.

    THERE IS A GOD and one day “HE” not she or the tree wizard but HE “GOD” will hold you accountable. It is one degree of moral failure to be corrupt it is quite another to promote corruption.


    • But what if GOD is a woman? Or the tree wizard? What then? The day I learn “AOL EXECUTIVES” read my blog, I myself will personally contact GOD *and* the tree wizard to see what HE or She will do about TWO MEN KISSING up in AOL’s title bar. Sounds real pagan-y to me. Was this something you saw in the AOL software, btw, or on AOL.com?


    • Yeah, this is AOL Executives all right. They couldn’t take the time of day to write that. They can make time for a game of golf or to have drinks with Executives from Timewarner or Comcast, but get real, they don’t give a shit about anything but their bank accounts. I dealt with Bud Rosenthal head of billing at AOL, Loather, head of escalations, and Jenny, head of the fraud, and they don’t care. Even Heidi Jongquist, Directer of Regulatory Complience, lied in her response to the Texas State Attorney Generals office regarding my complaint. My response to her papers she sent them is in the works, but if they think I’m going away for the few thousand dollars they owe me, they’re wrong. They stole from me, are crooks, committed fraud, and they will pay. Any questions anybody might have you can contact me at paintingsbsinc@aol.com. Good luck to all..


  7. July 25, 2013
    Dear AOL Representative,
    To begin, I think it is extremely important that you know that as a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer and currently as a School Board Administrator, I have NEVER had to write a letter to inform a respectful business like AOL of the negative experience I have had recently with your organization. My Acct#, and there were several people who attempted to assist me on July 24, 2013 on the phone. The two that I remember were Jenna, Retention Specialist, and then Greg, the floor manager out of Tampa.
    First of all, I recognize that you, as the reader of this letter, are not responsible for my unacceptable experience, but I am still extremely upset about the situation and really need to get to an amicable equally acceptable conclusion.
    For the first time in our lives my wife and I experienced a situation where we were overdrawn in our bank where it was brought to my attention that AOL was withdrawing $30.99 from our checking account every month. Upon further investigation, and to my surprise, I learned that this had been occurring every month for the last nine (9), years! As you could imagine I was extremely upset and attempted to find someone via the phone or internet in the AOL organization that could assist me. This was only the beginning of my frustration. After getting no help from 411 via the phone, I attempted to call several numbers that I found on the internet. Finally, after several unsuccessful attempts with a Robot answering the phone, I was able to get a live person in customer service at which time I was transferred to 4 different people before getting to Jenna, a retention specialist. I realize she was only doing her job in an attempt to keep me as a customer, but at this point all I wanted to do was stop the deductions from my bank account and get some relief for the 9 years of payments and NEVER having used AOL service. I attempted to explain to her that not only had I not used the service that I hadn’t logged onto AOL in over 9 years. In fact, I didn’t even know my account name or the phone number used for my account. It was only after Jenna gave me a hint as to the Phone number was I even able to remember the phone number used for my account. The phone number of ———– was a number I used over 9 years ago and discontinued when we moved from that house. In fact, you should know that we have moved 4 times since then. Jenna attempted several times to do her job of retaining me as customer but at this point was not going to happen. She also explained to me that I supposedly had “19” different services that was being provided to me. I understand that this was a ‘Service” but you should know that I had not even logged onto or used an AOL account for the last nine years. I tried to explain to her that we cancelled AOL when we moved, at the same time we got rid of the ———— phone number. All I wanted was to cancel my account, stop the deductions and be reimbursed for something I hadn’t been aware of or used in over 9 years. I have no problem taking responsibility for not knowing that this was happening sooner but that does not dismiss the fact that I had not used or logged onto an AOL service for 9 years. After getting no satisfaction from Jenna I asked to speak to a manager at which time I was transferred to Greg, the Tampa floor manager. I again painstakingly explained my situation to him and was initially told that there was NO relief possible but that he would in fact cancel my account and stop the deductions. After some time of Greg trying to explain to me that this was a “Service” (Which I understand) I told him that since I cancelled this account over 9 years ago he wanted to have a confirmation from me. Seriously who would have a confirmation of a cancellation from over 9 years ago. This also tells me that if I did have the confirmation that AOL could and would do more for me. He then stated that the best he could do was give me 60 days reimbursement. Although he was polite, I again asked to speak to someone above him to which he stated there is no one. He then offered me 90 days of reimbursement and that he could do no more. I again asked to speak to someone above him to no avail. He gave me the address to which I am sending this letter.
    I truly understand that this was a service and I do take some responsibility for not finding this discrepancy sooner. However, that in no way dismisses the fact that my family and I are out over $3,346.92 for something we never knew we had or used! If this was your money or your family being affected I would think you would re-act in the same manner I am or worse. Again, because I fully understand my responsibility for this situation I would expect that AOL would be able to give me some relief other than the miniscule $92.97 being offered to me now. I truly want you to understand that I am in no way going to allow this to just go away. I am not in a financial position to do so.
    I seriously look forward to hearing from you at some point in the very near future. My address and phone number are available above.

    Respectfully and Concerned,


  8. Hi WDS,

    As with most such encounters people have with AOL, if you cannot get satisfaction from them directly your best bet is to contact the BBB for a refund of the nine years worth of overcharges you have to deal with now. I wrote an article about how to do that here: https://intoolate.wordpress.com/2006/05/06/how-to-file-a-complaint-against-aol/. My readers have, to my knowledge, gotten over $1200 back in their pockets from AOL by following my steps for submitting a complaint to the BBB. Good luck and keep me posted on how it goes.


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