5 thoughts on “What do you use instead of AOL?

  1. Oh man, I was always anti-AOL. Eternal September and all that. But NYC has had (and still does) a free dial-up ISP, Metconnect. I’ve used Earthlink, Earthlink Road Runner (hated it) and now I use Verizon broadband. I pay the going rate but I get 3 Mps and no caps.
    The thing is that I always come across a laptop or PC with AOL on it-new, used, it doesn’t matter, it’s there. Removing it is always a pain.
    I wasn’t too fond of IE and used Firefox (I missed Netscape but yes, it didn’t come into its own until 2.0) and the latest version is even better. I also use a dev build of Chrome and it’s fast.
    I use Outlook at work and I have Thunderbird on a laptop but Gmail is mainly what I use. I still check my Yahoo account (I suspect the Hotmail and Lycos accounts are dead and buried) since a lot of people I knew at work use them still.
    Wow. Remember Excite and Altavista? Or Web TV? I FEEL OLD


  2. I didn’t know Lycos offers email accounts. Funny you should say that, since I visited Lycos a few nights ago, and it’s looking much slicker. I can’t imagine how much traffic Lycos gets – probably just enough to amount to little more than a rounding error for AOL, Google, or Yahoo!.
    I sort of recall Excite and Altavista. I still visit either/or by accident or out of simple curiosity now and then…how about Hotbot, Ask, GoTo, Infoseek?
    Web TV, unbelievably enough, still shows up in my stats now and then (as do some pre-NT Windows systems) so I guess people still use it. I never did.


  3. The last time I used my Lycos account was…OMG almost five years ago! Maybe they did away with email.
    Infoseek is still around? And LOL @ WebTV, if I remember correctly it came with an unbelievably slow 32K dial-up modem! I guess some people just don’t bother but still, hardware is so cheap now I can’t understand that line of thinking.


  4. I must win the hearts and minds of your grandparents!
    People older than us are those least likely to bother. They get online to read email, send pics to the grankids, maybe visit a chatroom or two, maybe look up a medical condition and a recipe, and that’s it. If they can connect at all, that’s enough. That’s why its so hard to get them off AOL….how they connect is no big deal to them…whereas we view it as an almost political issue, with sides to it and everything, to them it’s like, whatever, however, I just want to go online for a few minutes each day, and AOL’s doing that for me.


  5. Re: I must win the hearts and minds of your grandparents!
    I used to come across that all the time when I taught Computer Basics. Some older people are just so confused by all the choices out there if they aren’t used to dealing with tech. But I’m used to older programmers at the Linux meetings and it’s my turn to go “Hurr, I’m sooo confused why so hard to compile I FAIL” and it’s some old guy’s turn to laugh at me. 😄


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