I know I’m geeky, but this is nuts.

This screencap is an anachronism - http://m-w.com/dictionary/anachronism

I check my stats all the time for search terms used to find my site and sometimes you people scare me. Case in point:

“remove aol email advertising software.” What a mouthful!

Yes, my site shows up at least twice on the first page of results, but so do a bunch of other sites that are no more relevant to the topic than mine is.

If you want to disable those ads find another email provider, then cancel AOL and uninstall their software.

The last two steps are easy or hard depending on which version of the software you have, whether the call rep you speak to is a shark or easy to deal with and other factors, but whatever you need help with, I’ve got it, and if there’s a question I haven’t answered for you yet, ask.

What else would I say? Do you think I’ve got the special “hacker code” somewhere on my site to disable AOL’s ads with? Do you think you’ll find it anywhere else? Happy hunting. Get back to me if anything turns up.

Any coder or hacker worth his salt could write a program to disable AOL’s ads; the problem is, none of them will. It’s not worth the time and trouble to write the code required to make the most obnoxious interface on Earth less annoying so do yourself a favor and just quit AOL.

I noticed you spent over three minutes on How to File a Complaint Against AOL after you gave up trying to find my special code, so maybe there’s still hope.