AOL unleashes their wild horde, again.

Eternal September?

Heard the latest?

AOL now supports Open ID, drawing out their Eternal September to our eternal torment.

You can rely on AOL for over-inflated numbers, so the amount of AOL and AIM users who can log into LiveJournal (God help me) and other SixApart blogs as well as WordPress and Technorati is, according to AOL, a perfectly outrageous number…over 63 million. I tend to believe it’s that many people, though…*shudders*

You may recall when AOL released a wild horde of irritating people onto Usenet, exposing sharp-minded members to an onslaught of illiterate oafs that once appeared only in their worst nightmares. AOL pulled Usenet for their members 11 years after they first allowed them to torment Netizens with their presence but the damage was done. It’s the same situation again, only now it’s my turn to see what’s it’s like, since I missed out on that early wave of Internet stupidity.

I blame AOL’s chat rooms. If members hadn’t invented their own language in those seething dens of misappropriated communication by willfully ignoring correct spelling and punctuation while refusing to lay off their caps lock and shift keys I wouldn’t need to visit special websites just to translate their mysterious jottings back into a semi-comprehensible language.

From the start AOL hid members away in a closed-off, raucous and unsophisticated world and encouraged, even rewarded, an airbrained mentality to prove they were cool back when having AOL was a status symbol among the unwashed masses. Since 1994 they’ve taken AOL’s carnival atmosphere all over the Web while we gnash our teeth.


Just when you thought Digg couldn’t get any dumber…now they’re going to support OpenID, too.

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