More Anti-AOL Sites

I don’t know if I have writer’s block or what but I haven’t written anything substantial about AOL in months. This post won’t change that. But as I was toodling around in search engines last night looking at my newly low Page Rank, the fact that DMOZ refuses to update my listing for Anti-AOL, and just feeling sorry for myself, all of a sudden I started laughing: some of the anti-AOL pages I found while I was moping around were hilarious.

People have hated AOL for as long as they’ve been in business; some of the pages shown here might even make you recall your earlier days of AOHell.

“What if AOL was a building company?”

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“The American Dream: Kissing Steve’s Ass”

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“AOL Overbilling Summary”

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“AOL Counter-Strike Game”

This page is not only unprintable (it’s in Flash) but it’s also in French and it’s loaded with profanity. Even the domain name gives you a huge clue how they feel about AOL.

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Eternal gratitude if you know enough French to translate it for me.

If you know of more (funny) anti-AOL pages I haven’t seen please leave me a comment (anon comments are welcomed, as always) or send me an email so I can add them to this page.