The One That Got Away

You can call the author of this blog many things, but please don’t call her “unaware”. Call her, rather, “Incapable of seizing the moment”. Why? Because TechCrunch broke a story that even wound up in the Washington Post about Chinese AOL coming up in Firefox as a possible attack site/forgery (that’s right, a phishing website) on Feb. 13th, but they were not the first to learn the perfectly jaw-dropping news. In fact, I was.

I was fixing dead links on this blog on Feb. 10th when I got to my AOL Hit List and clicked through to Chinese AOL out of sheer curiosity. At that point, I was met with the same warning page that you didn’t find screen shots of on TechCrunch until 3 days later.

Chinese AOL under suspicion as far back as Feb. 10th

My screen shot shows that I could’ve broken this story (without the help of Mike’s tipsters) 3 days before TC did. It would’ve done wondrous things for this blog’s stats. It’s no one’s fault but my own, but I admit I’m extremely sore now about passing on the story, and shocked at just how large it became.

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Does anyone know what happened to Was it hacked?

It was my anonymous contact form provider for Anti-AOL and it’s gone and everything on the website is written in Polish and Google Translate can’t translate it (when I ask for an English-to-Polish translation I just get Polish-to-Polish). Here’s the text:


Informujemy, iz zasoby, do ktorych probuje sie Pan/Pani
dostac, sa chwilowo niedostepne.

Edit: Tried Translate again and it was not much better, but slightly more readable this time: it just says something like, “Welcome, the resources you requested are not available right now”, which still tells me nothing.

Can anyone explain (in English) what’s going on? I had emails stored on their servers and I’m very afraid they got hacked. I last logged in about (or perhaps “less than”) a week ago and everything was fine. Please?

Konrad will explain in comments…

Another one of those deletable posts turned public service announcement.

Perhaps owing to my advanced age (38), I pulled a muscle carrying about 15 bags of groceries last night so, since I can’t do much else, I’ve been playing around with possible new layouts for anti-aol. In a few minutes I’ll put up one I’m testing on my personal journal.

Never mind…I tested the new layout in IE, and…

…while it seems to work perfectly in IE7 and IE8, it breaks in IE6, which 10 percent of you are still using on my blog (today, that will equal over 50 people). IE6 came out in 2001, folks, so it’s time to upgrade to XP Service Pack III and install IE8 or, better yet, also install Firefox (please, please, please pick Firefox!) so I can finally install better layouts. How many more years am I supposed to wait so I don’t drive off at least 50 of you a day? IE8 will help you AOL software users have a smoother, better, and safer browsing experience until you can finally remove AOL, since your AOL software uses whatever version of IE is on your computer to display web pages. Please get cracking.

The “Commenting on my blog” FAQ.

I think commenting on a WordPress blog is easier and probably more routine for people than figuring out where and how to comment on a LiveJournal, so I’ll keep this short and sweet: name and email. I don’t care if you make the email address up. Or the name! If things ever get out of hand like they did on LJ a few times, which I doubt will happen, I may change how things work. Or I may not. Depends how entertained I am by whatever’s up – sometimes I think the comments, even if they’re getting slightly out of hand, are hilarious. And sometimes, well…I don’t. So, we’ll see…

I got an AOL Free Trial CD with my phone book! Dex really does know!

My new AOL CD

Imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox this morning to see a bright, shiny AOL CD lying on top of my new Embarq phone book. The phone book was shrink-wrapped to prevent the contents, which included an AARP life insurance offer, from spilling to the ground.

After taking a few photos of the CD, I grew curious as to why it was bundled with my phone book. I thought AOL stopped burying the country in free CDs years ago. So began my gum-shoeing, which isn’t quite finished.

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Stats are open again…

Note, 3-15-2010:I’m looking for a way to enable open stats on WordPress as well. Stay tuned…

GoStats, ignoring me

Every now and then I make my stats viewable, regret it, then close them again, but at any rate, limited stats for my current counter are open again; my last counter’s stats (it broke – my counters for this blog break all the time) will be open indefinitely.

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Ahhh…back just in time for Aolol’s new branding strategy and short seller’s wet dream IPO.

So I’ve been involuntarily offline the last few days. I moved to a new place…a homey, rustic cabin on the water – just what I wanted (I’m so proud of this place – and so happy with it – I could spit). My Internet just got turned on this morning. Yipppeee!

I have 5 days of news and reader’s email to catch up on, and I haven’t checked AOL’s stock quote yet, but I have checked micwa’s latest comment on my blog, which lead me to this hilarious re-branding video of AOL’s (the rebranding is in effect as of today). If the first five seconds of it don’t send you hurtling off your chair laughing, nothing will, and the rest of it is pretty funny, too.

Aol.- like a fish out of water

Just for my readers (I love you all!), the night before I moved, I made a logo to show my strong commitment to AOL’s new branding strategy. Enjoy. 😉

Does anyone reading this want to code a more modern version of SeaMonkey?

I’m asking because one of my primary annoyances is not having an all-in-one browser/IM/email client to usher ex-AOL users to once they’re ready to quit AOL. For years I’ve wanted to be able to say to them, “There’s this program named X that works just like AOL does, with instant messaging, email, and browsing all in one client, but it runs on a more modern layout engine, loads more pages the right way than AOL or IE does, and it’s safer to use and more enjoyable than AOL.”

Outside of SeaMonkey, there is nothing on the market that I know of that can replace not just what AOL has, but the way AOL combines it all into one client. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to just use Firefox and say, Yahoo! webmail and/or Outlook if you like, and to keep an AIM or MSN client on the computer for chat, but for people who have used AOL forever and like having all three tools ready-to-go in one browser, having a replacement for that would make it much easier for them to move away from AOL.

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