Ahhh…back just in time for Aolol’s new branding strategy and short seller’s wet dream IPO.

So I’ve been involuntarily offline the last few days. I moved to a new place…a homey, rustic cabin on the water – just what I wanted (I’m so proud of this place – and so happy with it – I could spit). My Internet just got turned on this morning. Yipppeee!

I have 5 days of news and reader’s email to catch up on, and I haven’t checked AOL’s stock quote yet, but I have checked micwa’s latest comment on my blog, which lead me to this hilarious re-branding video of AOL’s (the rebranding is in effect as of today). If the first five seconds of it don’t send you hurtling off your chair laughing, nothing will, and the rest of it is pretty funny, too.

Aol.- like a fish out of water

Just for my readers (I love you all!), the night before I moved, I made a logo to show my strong commitment to AOL’s new branding strategy. Enjoy. 😉