2,000 People Gone at AOL

Welcome! You got the boot!

A source for Henry Blodget at Silicon Alley Insider has confirmed 2,000 people at AOL are out of jobs. Nice to know Falco lays people off by email instead of in person; what a warm, personal touch he lends to the ordeal. Here’s a snippet:

“As a part of this realignment, tomorrow we begin a reduction in force that will, over the next couple of months, affect a total of about 2,000 people out of our worldwide workforce of 10,000.

Everyone impacted by this reduction deserves our thanks and respect for their contributions to the company. We will aid these individuals in their transition to new opportunities as much as possible, most importantly with what we believe are generous severance packages.”

The email was sent to everyone at AOL at 11 this morning and explains that because AOL wants to focus on their re-birth as an advertising platform, the employees are no longer needed.