AOL extends Xdrive and BlueString shutdown deadlines.

Time is running out to get your files.

Checking and tonight I saw that AOL has extended the shutdown deadlines by 12 days on both sites. That means you now have until Jan. 12th to get your files before AOL deletes them. In light of AOL’s botched soft-closing of Hometown and AOL Journals [item #5], which was handled so badly that many users claimed they never even received an email about it, and thus did not know they had to retrieve their files by a certain date or else lose them forever, AOL is slowing down the remaining closings to give people more time to find out what’s going on. Unfortunately (and rather inexplicably), AOL did not extend the deadline on the closings of AOL UnCut (Dec. 18th) nor AOL Pictures (Dec. 31st), so if you haven’t retrieved your videos and pictures by now, you’re most likely out of luck.

Instructions on how to retrieve your files are included in the following related post: AOL closing down Xdrive, BlueString and AOL Pictures by Dec. 31st..

AOL closing down Xdrive, Bluestring and AOL Pictures by Dec. 31st.

Last updated 12-6-08 with new information on transferring Xdrive files to Elephant Drive.


This post does not change the fact that I’m currently on hiatus from blogging (update: I’m back as of 11-19), but people will stop believing me if AOL doesn’t stop dismantling their entire business.

As part of AOL’s previously mentioned restructuring plan, Xdrive, Bluestring and AOL Pictures will shut down by Dec. 31st.

Any files not removed from these services by Dec. 31st will be deleted, and all links and special online tools (called “APIs”) for displaying them will become unusable.

Here is a reprinted AOL FAQ from the Washington Post that explains what’s going on.

What to do?

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AOL Journal Users: How to get your files when all else fails.

The options you’ve been given for preserving your years of writing, photo-swapping and friendship-making on AOL Journals are not all that great: you can either download your files or transfer them to a new web host named Blogger. That’s all.

Not only are your options limited, since AOL put little thought into helping you move elsewhere, some of you are also having problems transferring your files.

This post is about how to capture your data if every other method has failed you.

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