AOL is “uncluttering”? Why, tickle me pink.

Ron Grant Giving Spin

HOT QUOTE (from the mouth of Ron Grant this week): “We’ve made some mistakes in the past.”

Yes, they sure did.

After Ron Grant, the president and COO of AOL, said AOL wants to start a “social network service” and improve AIM, he went on to say at the Goldman Sachs’ global Internet conference in Las Vegas:

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AOL says they’ve changed?

You can dress a donkey up like a horse, but...

Updated 02-3-2007.

It’s a different plot but the story has the same ending: No matter how AOL dresses it up, they can’t make the donkey that their washed-up business is look a horse. The only thing that’s changed is their approach. Rather than siphon money right out of your checking or credit card account for their “ISP service” (a non-Internet protocol complaint proxy server that sends their browser straight to AOL content and ads) they’re betting you’ll visit on your own or install their free software so you’ll stay on their site clicking ads, which is how they plan on making their next fortune.

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