I complained to AOL about their malfunctioning “Back to Classic” link. Here’s their response.

After writing about AOL’s “Back to Classic” link malfunctioning, I shot a complaint off to AOL saying that if they want users to see the Classic AOL look, then they shouldn’t provide a “Back to Classic” link that doesn’t work.

As a mostly unwilling beta tester, I submit feedback to AOL fairly often, but I never get a response (I often curse out whatever product I’m “discussing” before I’m done – I guess that scares them?) but this time AOL’s data-mining software must have bounced me to a human support person or something fairly humanoid (perhaps a reply bot?).

According to AOL, there are four ways to restore the Classic look (but as I said in my last article, if you delete your cookies after applying these changes, you will have to restore the Classic look all over again). After I read AOL’s reply, I saw that the broken “Back to Classic” link on AOL.com has also been fixed.

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AOL’s “Back to Classic” link doesn’t change AOL back to “Classic” look.

And the goggles, they do nothing!

This is your brain on AOL

If you don’t use AOL or visit their home page you might not know that in honor of their newfound freedom from Time Warner and their Dec. 10 IPO (they’re trading on the stock market again under their own ticker – AOL – for the first time in years), they got rid of their pyramid/evil eye logo and replaced it with wow, about twenty new logos, which mostly look like food-colored brains and jellyfish (it’s just AOL’s way of Rorschach testing you folks, don’t worry).

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