More Anti-AOL Sites

I don’t know if I have writer’s block or what but I haven’t written anything substantial about AOL in months. This post won’t change that. But as I was toodling around in search engines last night looking at my newly low Page Rank, the fact that DMOZ refuses to update my listing for Anti-AOL, and just feeling sorry for myself, all of a sudden I started laughing: some of the anti-AOL pages I found while I was moping around were hilarious.

People have hated AOL for as long as they’ve been in business; some of the pages shown here might even make you recall your earlier days of AOHell.

“What if AOL was a building company?”

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Hacking AOL

Hacking AOL

The Mike Nieves case is taking strange twists and turns. Just to refresh your memory, Nieves is the 17 year old accused of recently hacking AOL. He’s charged with computer tampering, computer trespass, and criminal possession of computer material.

Mike admits he hacked into Merlin (AOL’s CSR management system) to get his suspended account back and told investigators he uploaded screen shots of his work to Photo Bucket, but a story on Wired News throws Mike’s “confession” into doubt. Now another person on the AOL hacking scene, “Smokey,” claims he is the one responsible, not Nieves — now that Nieves has taken the fall for it and been charged with four felonies, one misdemeanor, and must post $40,000 bail to see the light of day again before trial.

From the Wired article:

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When No News Isn’t Good News

When no news isn't good news

I haven’t been pounding out updates lately but I’m too busy to write (and too tired when I’m not too busy) so I probably won’t match the pace of what I kicked out during January again. For a while I thought I’d turn the site into an updated news-blog but there isn’t enough going on to make it worthwhile. In fact some of the latest news just bores me to death and I can’t write when I’m bored.

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