Hi! You found me here. I don’t know how!

This is my temporary post to welcome you to my new home on the Web since me and LJ had a bit of a falling out last week (starting March 4th, actually) over philosophical issues, which you can read about here. I’m not into underhanded blog/journal hosts, so I’m no longer going to blog/journal/whatever you want to call it with them.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not doing this to be mean to LJ or to my friends. In my strange love/hate way, I still adore LJ, and it was home to various journals of mine for four years. I still like what LJ offers paid users especially, and I still like LJ as a whole, but I can’t deal with the deceptions in place there now, so I’m not going to. I figured it simplifies things for me both morally and emotionally to just move on.

In spite of what a pain it was to move Anti-AOL (it wasn’t easy, I promise), today I’m exceptionally happy – cheerful, even – to be back with WordPress (it’s not my first time here…ask almost…anyone). The CMS is extremely fast compared to LJ’s and offers many options that on LJ, you not only have to pay for, but code yourself (!yes, I coded most of it myself) and it just feels like a really smooth transition. I won’t be sorry I did this – I don’t think.

There might be (perhaps, major) changes to this layout soon – I bought the ability to change CSS, so I might as well. So, at times you’ll visit and things will look ugly and/or be dysfunctional and/or half-offline. Try to bear with me. I make most of my changes live, I change my mind a lot, and I’m never done tweaking anything, being the perfectionist that I am. My motto goes something like: “There’s always room for improvement” and there always is. That’s why I’m never done.

As always, if you can’t find something on this blog, just email me at marahmarie@rocketmail.com and I’ll be glad to help you out.

8 thoughts on “Hi! You found me here. I don’t know how!

    • You use one of the cross-posting programs, I suppose? I thought of doing that but due to LJ’s new business model of not telling us they’re sneaking redirects into our journals I can’t see leaving my content there for them to do that to me again in the future, as usual without any warning or notice, and as usual with no way to opt out, either.

      And I don’t really think of people on my LJ flists as my friends, except for maybe you – they’re just people who take an interest when they feel like it. Like when that black hat SEO guy was giving me grief after I rightfully gave him some for lifting my content? Not one person on LJ had anything to say about that…they don’t want to hear about it if it’s bad or unpleasant, or anything they can’t personally identify with, which is fine by me – it makes it much easier to just not bother with them.

      I think the only person I could really identify with on LJ was wuchan, because she’s even crazier than I am and gets into more trouble than I do online. Which made her journal hilarious and my ability to relate to what she goes through easy to grasp. I do wish she blogged on WordPress, but as far as I know she only uses Blogger and LJ.


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    • Hi,

      The Albeo Theme by Design Disease is free to all WordPress.com users. Just go to Dashboard–>Appearance–>Themes, type Albeo into the Search box, and install. To modify it like I did, yes, you will need to buy the Custom CSS Upgrade (go to Dashboard–>Upgrades–>Custom CSS–>click–>buy). It’s $25 per year. Have fun! 🙂


  2. I can’t seem to get AOL to post my blogs. They post them however when I log out and go to one of my other user names I find that my blog has been taken down I believe they are censoring me.I tried to stop them from being my home page but this has not worked so I need to know how to go about getting another home site.


    • I have no idea what you’re talking about. AOL hasn’t offered members the ability to post their own blogs since 2007/2008 or so when they shut down Hometown at AOL.

      If anyone else wants to jump in with an answer that I’m not aware of, be my guest.


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