I had a dream the other day that I updated this thing…(then Verizon bought AOL)

…with a how-to. It was a great how-to. I can’t remember what I was how-to-ing about but it went over very well, and I remember re-reading it and thinking wow, that is great. Maybe I should write more crap like this.

Then, of course, I woke up.

I started thinking, what the heck would I update Anti-AOL with now? Wrote my how-tos. That’s been done.

So I went online today and was reading something else entirely (no, you guys really don’t want to know what it was) when I caught a headline that read: “Verizon Buys AOL“. And I went, “Wait: WHUT???”

Then I recalled my dream.

So here’s your update. It’s not quite what I dreamt about, but, oh well.

Being Marah Marie, Girl Reporter, I would like to know (and might very well contact Verizon to inquire – which yes, will result in another update, may the Lord have mercy upon us all) if this deal involves any upcoming changes in service or software for AOL’s 2.2 million remaining subscribers (a more meticulous breakdown of the numbers can be found in AOL’s May 8th earnings report), but other than that there’s not much here to get excited about…AOL will get to keep their Anti-AOL-infamous NY headquarters, Timmy will get to keep his job and …yeah, folks, that’s about it. *sigh*

Any thoughts on the Verizon deal?