3 thoughts on “How to use AOL email anonymously (hint: don’t use AOL at all).

    • Yes, I had a bad experience back in 2005 while trying to cancel AOL: they refused to cancel my account when I asked them to, continuously handed me off to other reps, hung up on me three times, laughed me off endlessly, had several males mansplainin’ why I could or should not cancel, and wanted to charge me a recurring monthly fee to continue service. Oh how I should’ve recorded those calls; they’d probably be famous to this day. So I filed a complaint with the BBB which helped AOL to finally step off my ass, and as an added “thank-you” for all of their unkind service I started this blog about them. And I’d do so again, given the same circumstances.

      I had another bad experience with AOL in the spring of 2006 while trying to find AOL’s cancel page for other customers looking to cancel who could not find it: I found AOL deliberately moved the cancel page at least three times so that every time I linked to it from my blog – the link could be indexed by Google from there so people could actually find the damn cancel page once again – the link I used would stop working, and finding new links that worked was uh, very hard work. Every time I found a new, working link, AOL would delete the content from it or delete the page altogether, and would never provide a proper redirect or even allow you to simply find a still-working Cancel page from their Help site.

      The post I wrote about that got over 60,000 views just by itself. I also filed a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General over it. They never, ever pulled that crap again, I can assure you.

      And I’ve kept all the paperwork from both issues to this day. I’m thinking of scanning it all in and uploading it for this blog’s 10th anniversary (uh, that’s next year!) to explain why I started this blog and kept it going. In fact, I should have published all my paperwork to begin with, in realtime, but I’ve always been a bit shy about that. But anyway, yeah, I was not a happy camper, thus was born yet another Anti-AOL blog.

      So I was wondering – what purpose does your page serve?


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