31 thoughts on “The AOL Classic Look page is [NO LONGER] back. (Updated 11-2015)

  1. They are the rudest most useless pice of Sh*t excuse
    of a servie provider on the net period.
    Dont ever ever use aol they cant evan offer a service and
    there staff just get angry when u confront them with this fact!!!


    • It doesn’t work for me. I don’t get the Classic AOL page with that link.

      Then again, I’m in Firefox in Private Browsing Mode with third-party cookies blocked and History disabled, so maybe AOL’s settings for that page to work are clashing with my browser’s setup – so I’ll check in other browsers (I have every major Windows browser out there, fully updated) just to be sure, and I’ll edit this comment to indicate success if I have any luck with it.

      OK, I was going to update this comment only if the link worked in any browser, because I figured it must, given your enthusiasm for it, but now I’m updating simply because it doesn’t. I just tried it in Opera 11, Safari 5, IE 9 Beta, and of course, I already ran it through Firefox, but no luck. So I decided to look for an antecedent to your advice on the ‘Net and found this:


      While I’m tempted to think the AOL reps who said this link works were just blowing smoke up people’s asses, that can’t be if this is legit, so the answer must be that 1) the link only works in AOL browsers and/or 2) the link no longer works, period. Oh well.


  2. As I type (2/5/2011) the goback link doesn’t work any longer, although it did for quite a while. However the classic link does at least make it better. I suspect the goback link has been permanently removed, because I clear cookies etc regularly and it has always kept the old look until today, at least for me.

    IE 8.


    • The classic link makes it look – to my eyes, anyway – I guess I would need the Wayback Machine to see any difference – exactly the way the AOL home page used to look before Timmy hired all those cutesy designers AOL “updated” it.


      • Back when they had the OLD message boards it was great. Our little group of long term marriage group was fun. Some of us actually met in person, drew names for Christmas, etc. A very few of us are still in contact..Why do people always have to change what works. New is not always improved or BETTER….


        • Thanks for saying this, because it’s my one quibble with the redesign. I could give *two craps* how it looks, which I think I’ve made clear in most posts and comments. What gets me is the content swap, the fact that everything – news, sports, weather, whatever – used to be in one place but now is not. The usefulness of the remaining page content has been diluted. AOL has gone for…how do I say…almost a WordPress photoblog format, when that is not what it is nor should be.

          And shame on them for that. 😦

          ETA: Upon checking AOL’s home page immediately after writing this, I see the photoblog format fills the screen, with all the “missing” content we just talked about found only “below the fold”, which is web designer slang for “you must scroll down another screen to see what we’re talking about at all”. And even that content is in highly abbreviated form, shoved into a suddenly present narrow left column, with more photoblog bullshit filling 2/3s of screen looking to the right, with maybe five links per topic in the left column with fairly short headlines that you have to squint hard at to even see because of the tiny text and normal, unbolded type.

          Complete. Screw up. “Oh, how pretty” some web designer on web design crack must have said after completing this hideous redesign.

          WHO CARES, everyone who actually USES the site replied.


  3. I had to get the new look on my Win 8.1 Desktop and am now using it as I have no other choice.
    My laptop h Win 7 and I till am using the old classic look window, which I love. It is o much easier to use and understand. Apparently the old clssic windo does not work with Windows 8 and above.


    • Can I assume you’re talking about the classic look in the AOL software? Whole ‘nother ball of wax. I haven’t used the software since the last 9.something came out years ago so I don’t know if they’ve changed its “look”, and I don’t care. The Classic look discussed here refers to AOL’s home page at aol.com. You can visit it without AOL’s software using any web browser, like IE or Firefox, but its look has changed, too, from the “classic” to how it is now.


  4. I really like the old AOL classic format. Yes I can adjust to the new but since all of my friends and family make fun of me for still using AOL implying that I am old…I used the classic because I LIKED it.
    Now it is no longer available and works like everyone else’s browser.No offense I know you work hard to make everyone happy, is it possible to offer the classic for us “old timers”?


    • I really like the old AOL classic format.


      Yes I can adjust to the new but since all of my friends and family make fun of me for still using AOL implying that I am old

      They’re not implying you’re old. “Old” people should be offended by your suggestion, as it’s even crasser than the reality their fun-poking reflects. They’re saying you’re behind the times. There’s a distinction. I’m “old” by internet standards (at some age over 20) yet I haven’t used AOL as a software/service in 10 years. Using AOL when it’s almost 2016, folks!, can happen to anyone, at any age. Case in point (and I could dig up a link to prove it but am too blown away by what it announces to link right now): There are millions of teenagers who visit this stupid AOL home page, the design of which you cannot stand. No one knows why! This using of AOL 10 years after it entered its quite magnificent worldwide death spiral in terms of overall popularity and “coolness” is hardly limited to anyone’s age.

      It’s more a reflection that you don’t know what you’re doing online so you go to what you always went to or else what you see your mom or dad using (especially in the case of teens who use AOL). You go to AOL because it’s the easiest, most dead simple thing to do, and heck, you already know how to do it.

      I’m not going to go on repeated rants about ageist bullshit being put on my blog so anyone else reading this, consider this your last warning. Any other comments reflecting inaccurate, ageist attitudes will get a strikethrough (where I literally edit your comment to cross out the offensive bunk) and a copy/paste repeat of the warning that ageist bullshit will not be tolerated, because I am, at 44, getting pretty damn old myself. Get over it.

      OMG *deep breath*

      OK, so. Getting back on point:

      Now it is no longer available and works like everyone else’s browser.

      If you’re talking about AOL software you install on your computer (there is no “AOL browser”) then I’ve heard you can “fix” that by rolling back to an earlier version. Try something from 9.5 on down. You can get older versions here: http://www.oldversion.com/windows/america-online/

      This is unverified by Yours Truly. I don’t know what a “classic” look is in AOL software (I only discuss the webpage at aol.com, not the classic software look!) and I’m not going to download versions 9.0 through 9.7 or whatever the latest number is just to find out what you’re all going off the rails about, because I like having a life besides looking at web page designs for the complaining readers of my blog (in other words, I might do just this very thing, someday, but not anytime soon). You can figure this out on your own. Or just get used to the new look.

      No offense I know you work hard to make everyone happy

      You’re addressing ME? I don’t work for AOL and have said so a billion times – when I’m not busy responding to other commenters who also think I work for AOL by acting like I *do* and basically telling them to fly a kite because pretending to be an AOL employee to a crowd that believes I am one – and being kind of mean about it – is ridiculously fun. Telling the truth – that I don’t work for AOL – conversely, not so much. No one believes me. Everyone thinks I’m just being mean because I don’t want to be bothered helping y’all. Oh, well.

      But I’m curious why anyone would think this is AOL’s company blog – it’s got AOL.com’s original redesign logo – the goldfish – turned upside down with a speech bubble full of unflattering Internet slang, it’s called Anti-AOL, and I write a fair amount of negative posts about AOL’s business practices and you all think it’s AOL’s official company blog?

      I’m thinking…if I’m diverting this much traffic from actual AOL only to be thought of as one of their minions, then they should pay me to shut up or write nice things about them, because they’re losing business to me, either way. But that’s gist for another post I’ll probably never write, because AOLol (which is probably the only reason they don’t buy me out – I’m not dedicated enough to this horseshit to be worth bothering with).

      In short, if you want the classic look restored for you “old timers” (and arrrgghhh, no one uses that phrase on my blog ever again because No) you might want to start asking where company reps might actually listen: https://twitter.com/aolsupporthelp

      Some more contact info here: http://corp.aol.com/about-aol/contact-information

      More here: https://intoolate.wordpress.com/2009/06/30/aol-customer-service-phone-numbers-and-contact-info-updated-3-03-2010/

      And leave me the hell out of it, already. Thanks. 🙂


  5. The new format is lousy…nothing but boxes of news stories. I found a way around it. I was using Internet Explorer. When I use Mozilla Firefox, it comes up using the old format.


    • It doesn’t come up that way in Firefox for me. New format no matter which browser I use.

      (I’m thinking maybe some of you have ancient cookies stored in your browsers so when you switched from IE to Firefox – if Firefox asked you to import cookies during setup – maybe the old overwritten cookie got confused and started working again.)


    • “google aol.com” – from what browser? I did this just now from within Firefox (both signed into and signed out of aol.com, because science, dude) and got the modern (is that what we should call it?) view, not Classic.

      I don’t want anyone giving Classic addicts false hope here. I might think an old, ugly web page design is a ridiculous thing to pine away for, but that doesn’t mean people should come here and tell stories for the virtual lulz of imagining them squirming around in frustration trying to find the damn thing.


        • Why am *I* so mean? In the comment you replied to I am verbally squirming in discomfort at the thought of anyone being given false hope about a web page design still existing that I can’t seem to find anymore. If that is “mean” then you have my apologies, because apparently I can’t be nice enough. If you’re talking about the part where as usual I bemoan everyone’s hankering for a hideous web page design that originated waaaay back in 2001 then yeah, I’m probably being mean. I have zero guilt about that, so I don’t know what to tell you… Sorry I am tired of everyone going crazy about it five years after the exact bad design in question disappeared? Fine. Sorry/so damn not sorry, Pat.


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