8 thoughts on “[FAQ] Why is AOL unsafe? How can I make it safer? [Updated 11-24-2016]

  1. Spock

    You want Dr. Spock writing , not human beings.

    You mean the Vulcan of the Star Trek universe, right? He’s just “Spock.” Dr. Spock was a famous pediatrician. Also, Spock is half human. (I’m not a trekkie, honest!)


  2. Re: Spock
    I stand corrected. In a perfect world, nothing even half-human would code. Computers would just program themselves (of course humans would have to perfect such a process up to a certain point; it would be on auto-pilot from there). What a thought.
    Edit, 2-11-10: So other readers don’t get confused, this used to be a completely different article with more or less the same theme (staying safe without AOL) until I rewrote it today – thus the now-missing “Dr. Spock” reference.


  3. Re: Spock
    You guys don’t know nothing. AOL is the best service for my kids and dial up is faster than any high speed stuff from what I’ve tried! And when I see some spam email I just hit report it and they take care of it for me, and I get their antivirus service which is the best! Best $25.00 a month I’ve ever spent, with great chats and service you can’t get elsewhere. You shouldn’t be mad because you can’t afford that kind of superior quality and service! 🙂


  4. Don’t reply to other people…
    ..when you mean to address me. Seriously, that’s so AOL of you.
    AOL basic dial-up with McAfee and tech support (woeful 52k speed that it is, suck it) hasn’t cost $25 a month in over 3 years. But you can’t get the new lower rate (between $9.95-$11.95, depending on whether you want tech support or not) unless you ask for it. Enjoy AOL ripping you off in the meantime – they owe you a lot of money, but don’t tell them I said so! I get speeds many orders of magnitude faster than dial-up, all the chat I want, my choice of Embarq or other free spam-filtering email providers, my choice of top-notch always-on anti-virus products, and top-notch tech support for $19.95 a month without having to put up with AOL ripping me off. Every charge on my bill is explained to me and Embarq has given me refunds totaling over $150 in two months just to help me defray the costs of set-up and to make me stop complaining about various things I thought shouldn’t be included in set-up in the first place. But AOL’s been pulling the wool over your eyes for 3 years and you’ve been letting them. Sorry, but that doesn’t work for me.
    *Also*, just to make this crystal clear, ’cause I don’t think you get it, you don’t pay AOL for *chat*. All you need to *chat* is a valid credit or debit card number and AOL’s hideous, computer-crushing software. It’s amazing how little most of you know about the so-called “service” that you pay AOL good money for each and every month.


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