3 thoughts on “[FAQ] The All-In-One AOL Email and Address Book FAQ

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  2. I read the following AOL link and try to implement as describe in the article. http://dev.aol.com/article/2007/integrating_openauth_into_aspnet

    I was successful and but not enough for my requirement .

    but the my requirement is import AOL contact list to my web site for particular AOL user. It seems to me hardly any help from internet and I wasted more time to find the API and related .net C# for this issue. Pls be kind enough to send me solution and it very argent requirement and I am running out of time above issue.


    • Sorry, I don’t do AOL back end, so I wouldn’t know how to resolve that issue (and I can’t imagine why you’d want to import an AOL contact list “to a website” unless it’s to set up a list of already-willing subscribers for emailed posts) if I fell over the answer. AOL has an entire dev channel for that; you might be better off looking there: http://dev.aol.com/api/openauth – and/or emailing this person: dandosevangelism@aol.com


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