Commenting Shut Off For AOL News

Hmmmm, what could it mean?

AOL News Comments turned off

If I ran AOL, I wouldn’t turn comments back on. Ever. While AOL subscribers, for the most part, leave great, informative comments on my blog, don’t get me started on how most of them carry on at AOL News. If AOL staff had a full brain between any of them, they’d either keep commenting turned off or re-enable commenting, but only in Russian or some other incomprehensible to most English-speaking people language.

Coming Soon: New Commenting Experience

Valued AOL News readers, we have heard your feedback and are temporarily shutting off our commenting system as we work to improve the experience for you.

Because the level of discourse is too low for reasonable people to endure. AIM speak, CAPSLOCK!111!, spam, “Yo Mama”, personal and political bashing – gosh. The mixture of nastiness, immaturity, and self-serving, self-righteous commenting is somewhere between disgusting and unreadable (we bash each other pretty hard in the non-AOL News world, too, but at least we’re much wittier about it – and we’ve learned to TURN THIS KEY OFF and to stop with the AIM speak, already – also, Yo Mama is completely off limits to us, unless we’re on 4chan).

There isn’t a comment filtering system in the world that can make it better, either – short of adding tons of live, real-time moderators, screening comments, and deleting everything that doesn’t meet a certain standard (which would put AOL News moderators on the same level as Chinese forum moderators – that is, babysitters who determine what you can and cannot say at all times), the situation is, quite frankly, hopeless. Which is a shame, since AOL News isn’t half-bad…sometimes.