Commenting Shut Off For AOL News

Hmmmm, what could it mean?

AOL News Comments turned off

If I ran AOL, I wouldn’t turn comments back on. Ever. While AOL subscribers, for the most part, leave great, informative comments on my blog, don’t get me started on how most of them carry on at AOL News. If AOL staff had a full brain between any of them, they’d either keep commenting turned off or re-enable commenting, but only in Russian or some other incomprehensible to most English-speaking people language.

Coming Soon: New Commenting Experience

Valued AOL News readers, we have heard your feedback and are temporarily shutting off our commenting system as we work to improve the experience for you.

Because the level of discourse is too low for reasonable people to endure. AIM speak, CAPSLOCK!111!, spam, “Yo Mama”, personal and political bashing – gosh. The mixture of nastiness, immaturity, and self-serving, self-righteous commenting is somewhere between disgusting and unreadable (we bash each other pretty hard in the non-AOL News world, too, but at least we’re much wittier about it – and we’ve learned to TURN THIS KEY OFF and to stop with the AIM speak, already – also, Yo Mama is completely off limits to us, unless we’re on 4chan).

There isn’t a comment filtering system in the world that can make it better, either – short of adding tons of live, real-time moderators, screening comments, and deleting everything that doesn’t meet a certain standard (which would put AOL News moderators on the same level as Chinese forum moderators – that is, babysitters who determine what you can and cannot say at all times), the situation is, quite frankly, hopeless. Which is a shame, since AOL News isn’t half-bad…sometimes.

14 thoughts on “Commenting Shut Off For AOL News

  1. I’m actually relieved that AOL has discontinued the commenting section–even if only temporary. I no longer use AOL (for web surfing, or email) because my account was permanently suspended after comments I made (in defense) were reported. It use to be ridiculous. If the topic was anything, that you found yourself out numbered on—you could forget about any kind of fair “freedom of speech” It use to make my blood boil, the gall of some of the users and their asinine comments. Like I said, this was at least 2 years ago and I NEVER re-signed up for an AOL account, as they showed me that they were truly the dunces. I have no idea how they could “improve” it unless they limited the comments to star ratings only or simply poll voting.


    • Are they still disabling comments on AOL News *checks – why, yes, they are!*? It’s been weeks since I had time to check. I thought it would just be for a day or two but after a week or so I started to wonder. Comments were disabled on AOL News just one day after one of AOL’s blogs, Engadget, disabled comments, but since Engadget re-enabled comments, what, less than or about a week or so later, I thought AOL News would just follow suit…must be one heck of a “new comment system” they’re building.


  2. I have been a aol user for over 20 years im now thinking of ditching them as they removed comments I guess freedom of speech in this country is gone to the wind yes there is some garbage comments but again its suppose to be a free country isnt it personally i enjoyed reading some if not alot of the comments taking it away just says tons about aol so sad…


    • Have you heard about punctuation? It’s this thing that along with adding a capital letter to the beginning of each sentence allows you to sound like you’re not typing your comments out while on speed.

      Not that I’m a grammar, punctuation, capitalization or spelling Nazi (well actually, I am, but I don’t let that distract me from the message – not too much – because if I did let it distract me, I’d almost never pay attention to anybody) but outside of your failure to use cuss words or insult anyone it’s almost breathtaking how right AOL might be to suspend comments, just based on what you’re showing me here.

      (Also, AOL disabling comments – not altogether, but at least on various sites – goes so far back my memory strains and almost breaks trying to recall all the times they’ve done this. To which I might only remind you there is a big, wide set of intertubes out there – the net is made out of much more than AOL.

      Yeah, I know…20 years ago, AOL was all the tubes were made out of…my my how things have changed.)


  3. Comments and voting on them…..was the best thing on the internet. If you didnt like the comment, then vote against it…..or……….my computer has an on off button . Only when the comment gets vulgar or obscene, and who judges that, should there be some concern. Please return the comment section soon.


  4. Sure Larry, right away, and would you like fries with that?

    Seriously, *I* cannot turn comments on, off, or put little Like buttons next to them for you. If I had the power to do any of those things I would turn the default comment setting to OFF forever, as I indicated in the very post you’re replying to. Yeah, that was me, your hostess here! If you want AOL to turn comments back ON (and I think it’s pretty hilarious you seem to think that at your very word AOL will immediately do so; you must be VERY powerful, Larry) then contact AOL, not me. I do not work for AOL. I am not AOL. This is not AOL’s blog.

    Capisce, Larry?


  5. Although I believe there should be tighter restrictions on the comments section, I believe that “you-Aol” shut this comments section down at a most convenient time for “you” because of the success of Trump. You are clearly against Mr. Trump……it’s very obvious. If you were interested in making the “comments section” a more positive experience for everyone, you would have taken these steps long ago. More restrictions would have been fine but your reasons for taking action at this time are purely to your own benefit and not to the benefit of your subscribers.


    • Well, if you believe that “me-Aol” shut “this” comment section down at a most convenient time for “me”, then this is what I suggest, barb-Trump: that YOU bring your gripe to “their” attention.

      Have I juggled enough pronouns for you yet? I could keep this up forever except for one little thing. YOU and ahem, people like you (let’s call them THEM) have a combined intellect that would fit on the head of a match with room to spare, thus it’s no fun for me to be sparring with y’all.

      So go away. But before you do, let me mention, you little twit, that AOL-“them” disabled the comments sections I’m talking about in my top post? SIX YEARS AGO. Not sure how that works into their/my great conspiracy against Fuhrer Drumpf, but I’m sure you folks can figure it out. Nothing like backdating a little to prove your point, is there? 🙂

      (Also, for anyone else reading: in honor of barb-Trump, I have a new rule: “if you mention Donald Trump within any discussion thread, you’ve automatically ended that discussion.” We could even call it, uh, Barbwin’s Law.

      Consider this thread and any like it in the future done before it starts.

      I can’t believe she even had the nerve to defile my page like that.)


    • I made a comment just a few minutes ago

      Where? Here? Or on AOL? You’re not very clear…

      I didn’t cuss or anything.

      We’ll leave that to the spam/p0rn filter you probably hit to decide, regardless of which site you’re talking about…I haven’t checked my own spam filter, but I will. Eventually.

      Screw AOL!

      Indeed! Hear hear!

      I’m guessing this is a liberal site?

      You’re guessing which is a liberal site? Mine? AOL’s? I have no idea if AOL’s “site” is liberal or not. It seems to slant liberal but everyone who visits it is a freaking Republican. I don’t know why you folks torment yourselves like that.

      As for *this site*, Anti-AOL is not affiliated with nor supported by AOL, and I wouldn’t say it’s exactly liberal. It’s just a fucking blog.


  6. AOL just disabled their comment section again or it might be their new “Dictatorship” that banned me. When the boards are overtaken by a certain group, they don’t want ANY differing opinion no matter how polite you are. I have been cursed, shunned and apparently banned I guess. I believe in free speech completely. If you don’t like the comment, simply move alone to another who agrees with you and communicate with them. Free Speech should encompass expressing your opinion reasonably without hate speech or name calling or profanity. When you cross that line, it’s no longer ‘free speech’ but threatening. Some seem to have a free pass while others cannot post a logical, opposing thought. We can change someone’s view if we are polite and educated but not by personal attacks.
    Seemingly, AOL has employed some method that you are either ‘for’ them or ‘against’ them stance. It seems Russia has overtaken the Moderating on AOL and since I have no desire to become a Russian citizen, I won’t be visiting their hack stories anyway. Out of 40 or 50 headlines, only 2 or 3 are actually something that anyone needs to know. Also, their writers should be paying people to read their messy, misspelled and elementary school articles. Goodbye AOL. You are and have been a wasteland of failed Journalism anyway.


    • Hi, thanks for your comment. Any chance you could tell me specifically which boards that commenting was turned off?

      I’m not sure if AOL’s been taken over by Russians, but as someone who comes from a site that literally *was* taken over (LiveJournal) your comment gives me pause, so I promise I’ll check around online as much as I can to see if there’s any known involvement.

      “We can change someone’s view if we are polite and educated but not by personal attacks.”

      Agree completely. I wish more people thought so.


    • You liked your own comment while it was still being screened, which – though I agree with the overall message – is kind of tacky.

      Also there is no “you”. You (who wrote the comment) are addressing AOL, so it’s “AOL”, not “you”, unless you’re just fond of referring to websites as people.

      On second thought, maybe you’re thinking of the Citizens First ruling, which does state businesses are people. Strange times.


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