Does anyone know what happened to Was it hacked?

It was my anonymous contact form provider for Anti-AOL and it’s gone and everything on the website is written in Polish and Google Translate can’t translate it (when I ask for an English-to-Polish translation I just get Polish-to-Polish). Here’s the text:


Informujemy, iz zasoby, do ktorych probuje sie Pan/Pani
dostac, sa chwilowo niedostepne.

Edit: Tried Translate again and it was not much better, but slightly more readable this time: it just says something like, “Welcome, the resources you requested are not available right now”, which still tells me nothing.

Can anyone explain (in English) what’s going on? I had emails stored on their servers and I’m very afraid they got hacked. I last logged in about (or perhaps “less than”) a week ago and everything was fine. Please?

Honestly, I am freaking out.

Additionally, what tells me something is really wrong is Corlive’s blog was taken down and all the internal pages on 404 now, too. And no, Google does not even have a cache for the Contact Page. I. Cannot. Believe. This.

ETA: Found who owns Corlive – “KonradP” (that is, Konrad Papala). I also found his resume, but even the contact info on that points to Corlive, which, again, 404s. I’m starting to get ticked – how is he so irresponsible that he just takes a contact form/anonymous email server down without notice or warning? That’s almost as bad as if the site got hacked, maybe worse, since it points to his lack of responsibility even more strongly than weak, hackable servers do.

ETA to the above: I found his personal blog, his domain name info, and his email address. I’m publishing the latter so any customers besides myself (I have a feeling his was a pretty small-time email server, but still) can also contact him. I don’t care if publishing his email address gets it spammed or not, since he doesn’t seem to care if my email is lost or not – so it’s I’m going to email him right now and I’ll update when or if I hear anything back.

I get the feeling this might not be a hack because I found a forum posting of Konrad’s (not going to bother linking to it, who really cares) where he boasted in Dec. that he created a “fish search engine” on Corlive (just on one of the internal pages), then he asks for everyone’s feedback on it. I’m starting to think maybe he’s just loopy or something, but still – either way – this sucks.

P.S.…I’m just not going to use a contact form anymore on this blog. It is turning my stomach to think that all along (for over 2 years), I have trusted some sort of “man-in-the-middle” with extremely sensitive data, only to have fuck-ups like this happen. I’m done with it.

ETA, 7:30ish (this fiasco started for me around 4pm, when I first learned of it): It’s back. Still no response from Konrad but the site has been restored since I sent him my email. I’m still done with it. I’m backing up and deleting my emails, then I’m deleting my Corlive account.

Another update: MySQL upgrade. Seriously. He takes down the entire fucking site without notice or warning for a MySQL upgrade! I am so over this

It gets worse…it wasn’t an upgrade, or if it was, no one has actually said so…

I wrote that the reason for the site being taken down was a MySQL upgrade, based on the News column Konrad keeps on the side of the Corlive user interface, so I read it without clicking through and posted my update, but…that upgrade was actually done last November (just clicked through about 2 hours later). So actually, as it stands now, the site was down for no official reason at all.

I wasted the better part of several hours trying to figure out what was going on, hours that I planned to use to write a more condensed AOL email FAQ and a new post on how to contact AOL specifically to cancel screen names. I got nothing productive done. Not a word of apology from this guy for wasting everyone’s time and not letting us know in advance and not explaining the downtime afterward, either. It’s just inexcusable.

If you want to back up your emails and delete your Corlive account, like me…

Do not “forward” Corlive messages to yourself; if you do (or if you already did) do not delete them from Corlive’s server before checking the forwarded email for attachments first. When you forward Corlive messages, as I came to learn tonight, you get no attachment containing the original message, you just get subject lines and sender’s names. That’s it. So I did actually lose all my email, after all.

On Corlive, if you go to this page, you can back up your emails by downloading them as a CSV or HTML (he has deleted the part which discussed exporting as HTML since I wrote this) file. Probably the better way to go (I can’t guarantee you will get the full bodies of your emails that way, either, but you can try).

Also, you can’t actually “delete” your Corlive account…

I don’t see a way to do it, so you can do like I did and send a message from the Corlive interface to requesting your account be deleted. Whether Konrad will actually delete your account upon request, I guess I will find out soon enough.

2 thoughts on “Does anyone know what happened to Was it hacked?

  1. Indeed, there was a problem
    There indeed was a problem, for a few hours the service was down.
    I do understand why you are angry, but, on the other hand, doesn’t this happen to even the best, like gmail?
    To remove an account, please send a message to using your nick.
    The backup on is made every 24h, so even if there are temporary technical problems, the data is safe.’ uptime is 99.8%
    For the last hours I’ve talking to the server provider about what has happened, looks like problems with energy, we have the coldest winter since many years now in Poland.
    Best regards,
    Konrad Papala


  2. Re: Indeed, there was a problem
    Thanks for your reply and for bringing us up-to-date. I’m afraid I already sent a message to the admin account from the Corlive interface asking you to cancel my Corlive account as soon as you can.
    If you read my full post, you’ll see that despite my best efforts to back up my Corlive messages, forwarding Corlive messages to yourself loses the messages altogether (except for subject lines and sender names) which caused me to lose every message I have stored on your servers for over 2 years.
    It was my own fault, in a way, since I incorrectly *assumed* the messages would be forwarded to my Yahoo account without incident. So I deleted all the messages from your server once I forwarded them to myself, without thinking to check if the forwards did in fact, contain the messages (I simply *assumed* they would).
    You share the blame for that, too, since you put forward buttons on messages that can’t actually be forwarded! Something is obviously quite wrong.
    I’m going back to what I said in my original post as to the reason why I’m canceling my Corlive account:

    It is turning my stomach to think that all along (for over 2 years), I have trusted some sort of “man-in-the-middle” with extremely sensitive data, only to have fuck-ups like this happen. I’m done with it.

    So it’s not just your service that I can’t deal with anymore, Konrad. I looked at signing up with another messaging service after this happened, and my stomach started turning, which was when I added the above quote to my post. So it’s not personal…I just can’t do it. I think just *the thought* of Corlive being hacked, even though you claim that was not the case, has scared me out of using messaging services altogether.


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