Another one of those deletable posts turned public service announcement.

Perhaps owing to my advanced age (38), I pulled a muscle carrying about 15 bags of groceries last night so, since I can’t do much else, I’ve been playing around with possible new layouts for anti-aol. In a few minutes I’ll put up one I’m testing on my personal journal.

Never mind…I tested the new layout in IE, and…

…while it seems to work perfectly in IE7 and IE8, it breaks in IE6, which 10 percent of you are still using on my blog (today, that will equal over 50 people). IE6 came out in 2001, folks, so it’s time to upgrade to XP Service Pack III and install IE8 or, better yet, also install Firefox (please, please, please pick Firefox!) so I can finally install better layouts. How many more years am I supposed to wait so I don’t drive off at least 50 of you a day? IE8 will help you AOL software users have a smoother, better, and safer browsing experience until you can finally remove AOL, since your AOL software uses whatever version of IE is on your computer to display web pages. Please get cracking.

2 thoughts on “Another one of those deletable posts turned public service announcement.

  1. I agree…
    Lol Marah I agree. I also wish MS would pull the plug completely on it already.
    This is like using Windows 98 for everyday use. It just doesn’t work. Nothing of good can come out of an outdated browser with security exploits that will probably never get fixed.
    Better yet, dump IE and go with Firefox. That would be the logical thing to do. lol


  2. Re: I agree…
    Better yet, dump IE and go with Firefox. That would be the logical thing to do. lol
    The problem is, most of my visitors don’t exactly *use* IE.
    They have IE installed, but they probably never open it; they actually use AOL desktop clients like 9.0 VR or whatever. I see so much IE usage in my stats only because GoStats seems to do a lousy job detecting any AOL desktop client above version 7.0 (honestly, the only two AOL clients I ever see in my stats are 6.0 and 7.0, usually on older systems running Win 2000, ME, and even ’98, and I know that’s not possible (that no one who reads this blog uses an AOL version above 7.0, nor that no one who visits this blog uses AOL, period) so I’m just inferring that my IE stats reflect more AOL usage than meets the eye.
    So the issue is getting my visitors to stop using AOL, not IE, since they probably don’t open or use IE anyway, *then* getting them to use Firefox, Opera, or a Chrome-like client (but not Chrome – I like SR Ware Iron, a browser from Germany with all of Google’s privacy-invading features stripped out). I just don’t know if it supports Chrome add-ons yet but I’ll find out.
    In the meantime, whether my visitors actually use IE or not, I want them to upgrade it so I can install better layouts and so they can stay safer online. Having a 9 year old browser is inexcusable. And since most of my visitors come from the US and I noticed just how high IE usage was on a Sunday, I was able to infer from that these people are *not* at work, so they’re not under corporate lock-down as far as browser-choice goes, so of course they can upgrade to IE8 on their personal computers if they want to.
    I could show you the most wonderful layouts, Mike, design delights that would make navigation and reading so much easier for everyone (including me) since they have back-to-top links at the bottom of all the pages, multiple sidebar columns, footer links, and all kinds of other bells and whistles, but if I was to screen cap them to show you how badly they break in IE6, you would laugh – or cry. That’s just how most newer layouts are – they’re not backward compatible to IE6.
    It’s that hideous, what IE6 does to modern layouts. I’d have to be, like, a design genius to know how to hack the code to get it working in a browser that old and malfunctioning – I just can’t. So this blog will have to remain in less-than-optimal condition until more people finally get a clue about IE6 – I don’t know what else to do except say “If it ain’t broke” (meaning my current layout, which with about 100 hacks, is displaying OK in IE6, miraculously enough) “then don’t fix it.”


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