Just a quick update on jv16 PowerTools 2009…

After receiving a comment on this blog today about jv16 2006 (someone used it to remove AOL from Vista, which I do not recommend anyone do with the 2006 version) I remembered the jv16 PT dev has come out with numerous updates of the program since he released the first 2009 version.

I gave the latest version, released on May 16th, a run about a month ago on my Vista install, and it performed admirably compared to previous versions. My only caveats are that it will always be slower, in my opinion, than jv16 PT 2006 was, but since the 2006 version doesn’t work all that well on Vista, that’s neither here nor there.

The registry cleaning abilities are much improved in this latest release, the program feels faster overall, and performance and clean-up abilities are similar to CCleaner at this point, so if you have Vista installed, and adequate hardware to run the program (I would suggest using this on a computer that is not bogged down with spyware or seriously infected with other forms of malware that has at least 1 GB of RAM and 1.8 gHz or higher CPU speed) I would definitely suggest you go ahead and check it out.

I’ve decided I’m not writing a new how-to for the 2009 version because the interface works exactly the same as it did in the 2006 version (described in my tutorial), it just looks different and includes more features.

The biggest hint I can give you so you can use jv16 PowerTools 2009 safely and effectively is this: It really is an ax – that’s why I say it’s for advanced users only – so be sure to treat it like one.