How to Remove AOL (any version) From Windows 7 When It Hangs

There’s an issue with removing more recent versions of AOL from Windows 7 (and therefore I assume all versions of AOL): when you click the Windows button –>Control Panel –> Programs and Features, then click on the AOL Uninstaller (choose which products to remove), it asks you to scan for “older versions of AOL” (it’s not like you have a choice – you can’t skip this step, or you won’t find any AOL clients) then it hangs during the scan.

And it hangs. And it hangs.

If you have a more recent version of AOL installed, you can right-click the Taskbar (or hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete – whichever makes you happy), open Task Manager, end the process for aolunins_us.exe, then shut down and restart your computer. That should stop the AOL Uninstaller from hanging on your next try.

If you have an older version of AOL installed on Windows 7 (such as AOL 9.0SE), you can follow these steps [works in all versions of Windows], then, if necessary, follow the steps above.

Once you restart your computer and run the Uninstaller again it should find all versions of AOL for you. From there you can use this tutorial [for XP or Vista] to remove all AOL software specified on those pages from Windows 7, including AOL 9.5 Revision 4337.80.

Alternately, on Windows 7 you can try right-clicking the Taskbar to open Task Manager, then ending all processes with “aol” in their name, then running the Uninstaller again. The AOL Uninstaller will still take at least 5 minutes to find all versions of AOL installed – even if you have only one version, so be prepared to chill out while you wait.

PS – I can’t believe AOL software even works on Windows 7, but as the first person to document the first bug with AOL on Windows 7, I had to watch this monstrosity alive and well on my own computer – in 3 different versions. I was hoping I’d get nothing but fatal error messages to save myself the trouble of writing new posts about AOL, but no such luck.

4 thoughts on “How to Remove AOL (any version) From Windows 7 When It Hangs

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  3. I was having the same problem and aol would hang. I booted the computer into safe mode and then tried to uninstall again and it worked.
    Aol was gone. It was also out of the list of programs in the control panel that can be removed.
    I hope that this helps anyone who is having difficulty.

    I hope that something I missed does not decide to show its ugly head and give me problems. I will find all the extra aol files and delete them.


    • Sometimes booting into Safe Mode works, sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on what version of AOL you have and whether or not it’s corrupted (that is, if it installed incorrectly, or if it was only partially uninstalled, or if it’s a version that has certain bugs that generally mess up the uninstall, then using safe Mode will not work – I figured that out years ago by corrupting the copies of AOL I had in about a dozen ways, then trying to remove them to see what it would take from there).

      The first few years I had this blog, when people would email me asking how to uninstall uninstallable copies of AOL, I would tell them to try Safe Mode in addition to my other possible solutions – every once in a while it worked for me, depending on what version I was playing around with and/or what bugs or issues a certain version or even a certain copy was having.

      But so many people would write back frustrated that Safe Mode did not work and asking me what else they could try that eventually I eliminated it from my arsenal of AOL removal tools as too time-consuming with no proven ability to get the job done.


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