OK, I changed my layout back to my favorite one.

And since I wrote this (5 months ago) I’ve changed it again, so the post about it is gone. I’m keeping the page solely for the comments, which might help someone in the same boat as the person who had her AOL identity stolen.

2 thoughts on “OK, I changed my layout back to my favorite one.

  1. AOL Impersonation
    I can’t believe these people……I have someone impersonating me in a sex chat room and having random perverts call me at all times of the night (can’t change my work number). Called AOL and finally finding the number on this website. They WON’T DO A THING until I get a police person to call them. Problem is the police didn’t even want to write a report they are so overwhelmed by the rampant problem. I 99% know who is doing this and I have found the user ID and can’t get anything done. Why do the criminals have more rights than the victims????


  2. Re: AOL Impersonation
    I’m sorry to hear about your situation. It’s quite common, unfortunately. I get more email involving impersonation and identity theft in AOL chat rooms and on AOL message boards (a subject I do not cover on my blog to date) than on any other topic lately.
    It goes without saying (not that it will do you much good – at least not right away) that if you haven’t done so already you must report any such incidents to “Notify AOL” at:
    Also, contacting the police was an excellent move. Call your police dept. back and ask to make an appointment with an investigator. Tell the officer or dispatcher who answer the phone that you need to sit down with an investigator (preferably in the cyber-crimes unit, if your police dept. has one) for at least a few minutes and that you want to file charges over cyber-stalking. Don’t ask; simply tell them politely that that is what you would like to do. Be friendly but serious and firm.
    The message boards in particular are completely out of control and have been out of control since at least late last year; they are filled with trolls, stalkers, and no-goods of every kind. Common sense tells me to tell you and others involved that no one should use the AOL message boards or chat rooms for ANYTHING anymore since AOL no longer has any community action team – or any team at all, for that matter – monitoring them. They’re no good. Stay away. Pretend they’re infested with criminals – since they basically are.
    Even if you have trusted friends who you’ve been chatting online with for years through AOL’s boards and rooms, please realize that your identity, all of your personal information, and your very safety and peace of mind are all at serious risk if you continue to so.
    Email your trusted online friends, family, and work associates that you need to make a new plan together to move on to another messaging and chat room service for the sake of everyone’s personal safety, then find another service such as Yahoo! that is not as rife with abuse.
    Also keep in mind that unless someone hacks into your personal email account and from there steals your information (a situation that you would obviously have no control over until it was too late), YOU are in control of who sees what online, so if you value your privacy be extremely careful with who you give out personal information to – this means in real life and online, too. Don’t go posting all your personal and work details on websites like LinkedIn, MySpace and LiveJournal, and in real life, be extremely cautious about who you give out work numbers, cell and home phone numbers, email addresses and the like to.
    Assume everyone out there, including people you already know very well in real life and trust completely, either is or has the potential to one day become your stalker and/or to hack into your email and other online accounts, and act accordingly in all situations. I’m not saying be paranoid, but make such decisions slowly and after much thought, use good judgment and be very, very careful.


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