Nice to see AOL cares? (screen cap)

Not that it proves anything – it could be another company that thinks it’s still competing with AOL (perhaps Earthlink dial-up? or Yahoo email?) – but while checking my stats recently I came across a visit from, a reputation-monitoring company. Well, I’ll be damned…that’s interesting.

Yep, that's right - I said AOL's run by liars, thieves, and crooks.

Assuming the client worried enough about their reputation to have Brandwatch read and/or monitor this page of my ongoing rant against AOL is AOL (in that entry I took the unusual – for me – step of coming right out and calling the people who run AOL “liars, thieves and crooks”) that would mean they’re paying this outfit money to keep tabs on what people think of them.

Instead of using Brandwatch how about AOL fires them and takes my word for it (my advice, after all, is FREE): AOL’s reputation has been in tatters for oh, at least the last 5 or 6 years. And you can write that on a rock.