4 thoughts on “How to keep your AOL email, Address Book and AOL Favorites when you quit AOL.

  1. I was skeptical myself. At the time of my upgrade, RAM still cost you a nice chunk, so I plunked down $80 for my 1GB stick, put it in myself when I got it home, booted up Betsy here…and the difference was like night and day…I was finally able to use Firefox without it jamming up my entire OS. I’ve certainly never regretted my RAM upgrade…but if I’d waited another year I could’ve gotten it a lot cheaper, too.
    I think most people think like I once thought: New and Shiny must = Better. What they may fail to realize is New and Shiny often comes with tons of trialware/crapware and/or with Vista. Using hardware twice as powerful as mine, along with hard drives two or three times the size of mine and a graphics card that can blow my ATI Radeon out of the water will not lead to improved computer performance if you install Vista (a much slower OS than XP is) and/or XP with a ton of crapware/trialware. So you’re paying for top of the line New and Shiny but in all truth, you’re not going to get it unless you format and put a clean install of XP on that baby. It’s a hard point to drive home to people, but I do try.


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