Welcome! You’ve got PHISH!

Watch out, AOL users. If you see this in your inbox – like I did tonight – then you’ve got Phish. Symptoms of Phish are as follows:

  1. You have an irrepressible urge to click on real-looking links to AOL
  2. You think this phisher’s email is so convincing
  3. You can’t understand why the fine folks at AOL, a multi-billion dollar company, misspell words, mangle grammar and forget to punctuate

Phisher's email

That last item is your cue to RUN as far away from your email as possible until the urge to click on links passes.

I hate AOL but that won’t stop me from giving you a a few tips to help you stay sane:

  1. AOL will never email you to ask you to update your billing information.
  2. No one at AOL will ever ask for your password.
  3. Emails from legitimate companies with misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors are NEVER legitimate emails.
  4. If you’re not convinced, make sure your browser’s status bar is enabled and hover over the links within the email, then look at your status bar. You will see that the links point to other websites, NOT to aol.com.
  5. WARNING: Sometimes phishers use fancy Javascript in their email to make it look as though links point to AOL – but it’s a trick. If any of the above facts apply to the email you are reading, do not click on the links.

I have my suspicions that the phisher’s email was sent to me because I run Anti-AOL. I get all kinds of pranks via my inbox because of this blog. I just roll with it. In fact, I’m turning my victimization into a public service announcement tonight to help millions of other people, which is pretty darn nice of me.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome! You’ve got PHISH!

  1. Lol
    With AOL being FREE, there is no need to “update” your billing information.
    “, After a few clicks, just verify the information you entered is correct. !”
    I got an ebay one the other day via AOL mail. I have to say it looked real. Although I’ve never used ebay, so there’s no way I could have had a “billing problem”. LOL


  2. Re: Lol
    I get the eBay and PayPal Phish all the time. I’ve been tempted to post those in the past but thought better of it since they have nothing to do with AOL. The AOL Phish I got last night, though, was one of those…ha ha…”teachable moments” that I just could not pass up.
    Also, the Phish might make you LOL, but it did not make you lulz. In order for you to lulz, you would have had to send the email yourself, then claim “you did it for the lulz”. Every hacker and troll “does it for the lulz”, at which point we “LOL”.
    Why do I always get so off-topic?


  3. Re: Lol
    What about your IP address? I hit the road the day you wrote this and have no idea what you’re talking about since that was like, a month ago. OMG, I’m back! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Re: Lol
    I can’t find your IP in my stats just by going back a few pages and it’s late enough now that I’m not going to try, but I googled Wild Blue and it looks like nice stuff. How is satellite Internet working out for you? Does it go off with every breeze? I had satellite TV at my last house and it went out in every breeze. Finally I cut the wires and dug the satellite out of the ground with a shovel and my bare hands. That sucker was twelve feet in the ground (the pole, that is) but I was so mad I didn’t care – I just kept digging and pulling until it was gone. Then I marched around the yard with it like it was someone’s ass I’d just kicked. Good times…good times. I signed up with Cox cable last week at my new place (it never had an Internet connection before I moved in so I had to watch a good looking tech climb the street pole today to switch it on, ahhhh). Even though I have a technically “slower” package (7 times slower, to be precise) it’s just as damn fast as Time Warner’s Roadcrawler was, so I’m happy.


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