AOL extends Xdrive and BlueString shutdown deadlines.

Time is running out to get your files.

Checking and tonight I saw that AOL has extended the shutdown deadlines by 12 days on both sites. That means you now have until Jan. 12th to get your files before AOL deletes them. In light of AOL’s botched soft-closing of Hometown and AOL Journals [item #5], which was handled so badly that many users claimed they never even received an email about it, and thus did not know they had to retrieve their files by a certain date or else lose them forever, AOL is slowing down the remaining closings to give people more time to find out what’s going on. Unfortunately (and rather inexplicably), AOL did not extend the deadline on the closings of AOL UnCut (Dec. 18th) nor AOL Pictures (Dec. 31st), so if you haven’t retrieved your videos and pictures by now, you’re most likely out of luck.

Instructions on how to retrieve your files are included in the following related post: AOL closing down Xdrive, BlueString and AOL Pictures by Dec. 31st..

2 thoughts on “AOL extends Xdrive and BlueString shutdown deadlines.

  1. Dates
    Marah. For some reason I have always had January 12 listed for BlueString and Xdrive. But I had Pictures dated for shutdown on December 31.
    Checking the sites. AOL Pictures is still showing December 31.
    However, AOL is still letting users back up their photos?


  2. Re: Dates – yet no one ever believes I’m a ditz. I must hide it well.
    Huh…well how ’bout that? I was so tired the other night I was writing with one eye closed and must’ve started seeing double – or triple -or something. I should know better than to put in a nine hour day at my job with yet another one of my raging toothaches then trudge home and whip out two posts for Aunty AOL. Something is bound to go wrong – always does. Good catch – thank you sooooooo much! 🙂


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